Thursday, November 17, 2011

thanksgiving tablescapes

this year, i'm not cookin
so, i'm not setting a table... which i enjoy
but i thought i'd share some of my 
thanksgiving tablescapes of the past




how are you decorating your table this year?
you have a little over 6 days to decide!

later gators! 

Monday, November 14, 2011


cooper you're six!
as each year passes
i both celebrate and get a little sad
just a little

my sweet little baby

has become
my sweet big boy

who's goofy

and source of so much joy

and sometimes, just sometimes he's reflective
and enjoys time to himself

there's no other way to say it....
he's just a really great kid.

 in honor of t. cooper deegan's 6th birthday
here are 6 things i love about him

1. even at the ripe-old-age of 6 
he still loves to cuddle with his mommy and daddy

2. he's so sensitive. you can easily put a smile
on his face and just as easily bring him to tears

3. he's a great brother to his big sister and baby brother
they will forever have him steadfast at their side

4. he's a true lady's man
he knows he's adorable, and works it

5. he has an engineer's mind
he can sit for hours building lego houses, 
houses that are so creative and detailed

6. he has opinions and expresses them well
sometimes a little aggressively, 
but you always know where you stand with coop

coop, you are my little man 
and i am so lucky that i get to be your mommy. 
every day you amaze me and make me so proud
until the end of time you will be my baby 
(even when you have your own kids)
i know you're growing up 
and i know one day i'll have to let you go
but until then, please understand 
i'm going to hold on as tight as i can 
and stock up on cuddles, hugs and kisses 
because i love you that much

have a wonderful birthday my darling boy
i love you to the moon and back again! 
xoxoxoxoxo - mommy