Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's over & we're home :)

we've officially moved into the new house. 
all of our possessions are here.... not sure where, but here. 
the POD is outside & still full.

so goodbye for now. because...
the direct tv guy is here & drilling holes in my walls. blah!
the kids are home from school today & are driving me batty.
and i'm pirating the internet from a neighbor, 
because i can't get mine to work. shhhhh!

more soon. probably when i'm feeling more settled.
until then, enjoy a few photos of some new home purchases...

i orderd these stools for the kitchen

and i ordered this light for the dining room...

hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend!
xoxo- erin

Friday, September 3, 2010

LABOR [day] weekend

yep, that's what i'm going to be doing this weekend...
lots & lots of LABOR. 
by the end of the weekend, i will no longer be living here...

i will be living here...

i truly love our new home!
there is some work involved (what house doesn't)...
but it has...
the space we need,
it's on a cul-de-sac,
it's in a great [golf course] neighborhood... yay for dan,
it has great schools,
& it has great bones!!!

happy labor day friends!
xoxo, erin

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

deserving of an entire post

who knew.
the crocodile dundee dude has a amazing home.
i never would have guessed.

i love how the entire house follows a color palette.
i love the white walls with simple tannish window panels/roman blinds.
i love the few pops of green (& sometimes it's out the window).
i love the large scale wallpaper in the bedroom.

feast your eyes darlings...
i could do without the matchy-matchy roman blinds in this room... blah!

my days are still sucky.
what with the move and all.
but these photos... these beautiful photos...
make me smile.

super horrible, very bad day

i had a great post planned.
sadly i haven't the energy to put it together :(

yesterday the house closing fell though.
the buyers pushed and pushed for us to close.
my wonderful people made it happen.
their awful lawyer pulled the plug.
with no good reason.

buyers want  to close on the 9th now.
we also have to be out on the 9th.
so, i need to move within 8 days.
not sure how that will happen.

we asked our new house sellers if we could take possession one day early.
are they being at all flexible?
NO and they don't even live in the house.
they're just scared to ask their renter
when he'll be out.
he may be out way before then, but they just don't want to ask.

i just need one break.
here's the only thing that has brightened my day....

yep! the starbucks pumpkin spice latte is back!!!!
thank goodness.... one good thing :)