Tuesday, August 31, 2010

are you kidding me??

another crazy week.
yesterday we received the news that our house buyers
 wanted to close TODAY.
thanks for the advanced notice!

we're guessing it was some misunderstanding
between the buyers and their attorney.
you know, seeing as we never received a formal request
to close TWO weeks early. 

so, now, because we're nice....
we're scrambling to close today at 3.
we'll see.
either way the new owners won't be able to take possesion
until we have time to move out.
oh and have somewhere to move!  
minor detail.
we don't take possession of our new house for a week.

we will know sometime later this morning if it all can come together today.
our attorney needs a few more items in order to close.
i'll keep you posted :)

on another note...
isn't this playroom super-duper?
 i have no idea where i found it, but i've been drooling ever since.

take care friends!
xoxo. erin

Friday, August 27, 2010


scene - my toyota sienna

coop: you know mom, when i grow up i want to date grace.
(a girl in his pre-school class)
me: really? what about emily?
(crush from last year)
coop: oh, i will date her too.
me: coop, you should really only date one girl at a time.
coop: ya, but... i don't really think that crosses the line.
me: (a little surprised) what line is that?
coop: you know, the "you can't marry your sister" line.

now... imagine me trying to contain my laughter.
then grabbing my iphone to call dan and relay the story.

and because i believe all blog posts should contain photos.
enjoy two inspiration photos for the new house....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

second grade and pk 4

here they are
the obligatory first day of school photos
aren't they so stinkin cute?

reilly in second grade - mrs. meister's class

cooper in pk 4 - mrs. fiesman's class

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mommy's little helper

coop decided to help me pack. he packed all his most important possessions....

 he packed...
4 zhu zhu pets
4 various balls
his toy soldier bucket

that should pretty much cover it... from his perspective!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my nightmare

how does anyone do it? packing a home with seven years of accumulated "stuff" is impossible (trust me, i wanted to say sh*! there, but i said stuff). i've become ruthless.... at this point EVERYTHING is garbage.

but through it all, this has become my savior....

POD how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

you sit patiently in my driveway 
allowing me to put my boxes in you (slowly, as i fill them up)

you've allowed my home to stay clean & tidy 
and not overrun with mess & a maze of boxes

then one day....
a truck will pick you up & take all my "stuff" to it's new home

(imagine Enrique Iglesias' song Hero playing in the background!)

Friday, August 20, 2010

eleven years

eleven years ago today, i married my best friend. time flies when you're having fun, because it feels like it was yesterday. happy anniversary dd!

to honor eleven years, 
here's eleven thing i love about dan...

 he makes me laugh.... a lot!
he's a great kisser
he puts up with me and my crazy
he has great taste
he's a fantastic cook
he's a great dad
he's a hard worker
he's tender and loving
he's sexy.... really sexy
after 11 years, he can still surprise me
he's my best friend and favorite person

love you babe.... xoxo ed

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

here's a little sneak peek of our new home.
since we don't officially own the house yet,
i didn't feel comfortable showing everything... 
more to come when we have the keys in hand!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

guess what!

no i'm not going to say "chicken butt" but my 7 year old would have :)

anyway. back to civil adult conversation.

things have been a little nutty around these parts, in addition to our house going under contract, the kids going back to school, and a quick mini vacay... we bought a mailbox!

luckily for us, it also comes with a HOUSE. yay for dan.... it's on a golf course. yay for me.... it has the space we need and it's chuck full of fun home improvement projects! i see a lot of wall paper removal and painting in my near future.

now we're just praying that all goes smoothly. praying both our house sale and our new purchase goes off without a hitch! the thought of something going wrong has me up at night... when will i learn that worrying never does me any good!!??

happy tuesday friends! xoxo- erin

Monday, August 16, 2010


sorry i've been missing. the husband and i sneaked away for a end of the summer mini vacay! i did loads and loads of not-a-lot and drank lots of drinks that contained pineapple! yum!

here is where i was.... key biscayne, florida...... ahhhhhhh!
The Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne

the pool.... honestly this is where i was ALL week

the ocean was way to warm, but pretty

Friday, August 6, 2010

crazy days!

ok. i've been uber nervous to let my bloggy friends know that  as of last friday our house in under contract!!!!!!!!!!!! yep... hopefully (if all goes well) my home will have NEW owners as of sept. 15th. ! obviously this could still fall though, so i'm still extremely nervous. fingers crossed.

so... on top of school transfers, home inspections, attorney reviews, HOUSE HUNTING and the daily ups and downs of raising 3 crazy kids..... we've been dealing with THIS....


we got the call at 9:30 pm from a friend.... their daughter has lice. what? who? when? where? what the he@#! thank goodness dan is far more level headed than i. he promptly ran to the drug store and purchased the needed items to take care of the "situation".

honestly, i hope that all parents have to deal with this and just never talk about it. a dirty little secret. because if that's not the case, am i a horrible parent. no one has ever really told me about their kids having lice. 

do i not bathe my children enough? should i call everyone i know and warn them that my kids are/were infested? did my kids infect my friend's kid or did their kid infect my kid? really who knows. 

i just know i'm a loon. whatever. moving on.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

it's all in the details

i love every detail.... the mirror, faucet, sink, color palette, blinds, flowers, soaps..... everything.

Monday, August 2, 2010

have pantry will organize

we went house hunting yesterday. whew did that wipe me out and now i'm a bit of an emotional wreck. anyway. i was touring a house (that ironically is a friend of mine's house) and i opened her pantry. and oh-my-goodness that girl is organized! so of course i had pantry envy. deep. emotional. pantry envy. honestly i wish i had my camera, i would have documented it's beauty!

so now i'm on a mission.... i must organize. find. the. time. to. ORGANIZE! to do so, i must have inspiration. so here it is....


 can't remember the source.... sorry :(