Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things i'm loving these days

i always have a running list of things i'm currently in love with.
i usually put them in my blog
a. for me to remember
b. for gift ideas 
(my birthday is coming soon.... hint, hint)

yes please!
i love this lamp.... perfect for my master bedroom sitting room
$79 from cost plus world market

so pretty....
isn't the finish magnificent? it reminds me of something from restoration hardware for about 3K!
again, perfect sized desk for my master bedroom sitting room
$230 (campaign desk) from cost plus world market
i must have 2 of these suzani print beauties...
 for my living room on the new cream leather chairs.... they will compliment the new rug so nicely!!
$45 each from the cottage cupboard etsy shop

pop of color in the kitchen!
my kitchen is kind of dark... these would give it a wonderful pop of color.
i would like 2 each of the yellow, blue and orange!
$8 each from west elm

summer lovin!
mine probably wouldn't contain lemonade.... maybe margaritas, mojitos or summer beer?
$59 recycled glass drink dispenser from west elm

4 of these for the deck overlooking the golf course.... indeed!
$79 country living adirondack chair from sears

the perfect time piece
i've been looking for a silver oversized watch and this one fits the bill
$225 oversized runway watch from michael kors

that's my list. what's your favorite items for spring?
have a great one! -erin

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sill kicking

crazy week.
trying to settle in at home after a long vacation.
all while fighting a cold.

the good news is.... i think my husband felt bad for me
and he painted the downstairs powder room.
i'm a happy girl.

here's the color i chose after much deliberation. it's from valspar.

AND yesterday i hung the baby animal photos.
double yippee!

the bummer is i can't find my camera cord.
so these photos are from my iPhone.
sorry they're so horribly awful. you get the idea. right?

you can buy your own baby animal photos here.
and i framed them with the super cheap ikea ribba frames.

to complete the powder room.
we need a new toilet. the current toilet is a pinky cream color. ugh.
we also need a mirror.

my question is.... how do you take photos in a teeny tiny powder room????
there is no natural light and i have no space. i try.

have a great day! -erin

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

back from vacation

we're home!
after 12 long days of vacation.

more about our trip soon.

we were here...

and here...
after our trip to marco island we surprised the kids with 3 days at disney world... needless to say they were VERY excited! 
also needless to say mommy is extremely exhausted! happiest place on earth? i'm not so sure :)
 now back to reality.
i'm off to unpack, pick up lucy from the kennel, DO LAUNDRY,
catch up on email, blogs, etc. and the list goes on and on!

happy day! - erin

Thursday, March 10, 2011

reilly's room.... more ideas

here's volume two of reilly's new room.

i am basing the room design on the following items (as stated in tuesday's post)


and this.

now for some other room ideas....

wall color.... i want a shade of blue or turquoise.
here are some options.... do you have a favorite?

i also plan on taking down the ugly-fugly ceiling fan and putting up my favorite ikea pendant. 
for years i've been trying to find the perfect spot for this pendant.... yay i found it!
i recently purchased a new dresser from ikea....
very sturdy and lots of drawers. 

i'm swapping out the hardware with these from anthropologie....
finally, the bed....
handsome hubby is going to make reilly a new bed.
we're thinking of something like this...  cut out of wood and painted
a darker shade of the wall color with a white monogram in the middle.

picture the headboard painted a darker shade of the wall color with a white monogram in the center.

i like the interlocking or circle 2. 

there you have it... all of my ideas. can't wait to get started and share the progress with you!

have a great day ladies and gents!
xoxo - erin

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reilly's room.... the artwork

today and tomorrow, i'm going to share my plans for reilly's new bedroom.
currently she's sharing a room with her 5 year old brother cooper.
but soon, the baby (max) and coop with shack up and reilly will get her own space.

my inspiration for the room came from two items.

the liberty of london shades i purchased from target last year.

paul smith's LOVE TOO wall hanging from sex and the city (the movie)

ever since i saw it, i've been obsessed
and because the price tag is a cool 3K... i'm not in the market.

it would go perfectly with the lamp shades. right?

because i'm a horrible, awful, very bad person... 
i re-created it and am having it printed on canvas.

original = $3000
my version = $79 (printed canvas from costco)
hells yes!

here is my version, i had to change the dimensions a bit to fit the canvas size,
but all in all... not bad.

the design is a little different, but it's very close.
i can't wait until it's printed. i will share, promise!

more on reilly's room tomorrow!

happy tuesday! xoxo - erin

*** UPDATE***
I have received several requests for me to share my LoveToo  files. i will not be sharing the files. Although I drew it myself (in Adobe Illustrator), it is based on an existing piece of artwork. Thus, I will only be using it for personal use.... more specifically my daughter's bedroom. Thanks for all the interest, but i can't in good conscience share the files.

Monday, March 7, 2011

a few of you guessed correct

here she is..
at home in my living room.

i think she will be lovely above the new sofa.
which still hasn't arrived yet. boo.

the room is [kinda] coming together.
i'm still debating wall color.
any suggestions??

have a great monday.
AND if you watch the bachelor [which i'm embarrassed to admit], tonight it the ladies tell all episode!
heck yes!
i'm hoping for a michele smack down!

xoxo - erin

Friday, March 4, 2011

what i'm loving

i'm back!!! mac is home and working like a dream! woot! woot!

back to regularly scheduled programming....

last weekend, i went to homegoods. 
sometimes i come up dry. nothing good. boo!
but last weekend...oh man!

here are a few of my favorites. due to budget concerns, only 1 item came home with me.
can you guess which one? i'll tell you on monday :)

they had an amazing selection of trunks... i adore the grayish one! 

those blue nesting tables.... so lovely!

love the black nesting tables too!!

doesn't this mirror look like a great flea market find? i love the patina!
these green chairs rock!

kinda restoration hardware-ish. love it!!

oh my!

sorry about the horrible photos... they were taken with my iPhone.

if i could, i would have pulled up in a u-haul and taken all the loot. sadly i didn't.

have a fantastic friday.... yay weekend!

xoxo - erin

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It doesn't take a genius

another quick post from my iphone. grrrrr.
mac is still at the genius bar waiting for more parts.
once my laptop was opened up, more damage was found.

so, i got the call yesterday telling me mac wasn't fixed yet...
then received a pointed lecture from the genius from the genius bar.
apparently (according to him) you shouldn't pour coffee into your laptop keyboard.

really????? really? it doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
who in their right mind would POUR coffee into a computer?

to quote charlie sheen.... duh!

now, i'm sure you're wondering what happened to mac. ummmmm... i have a destructive toddler in my home. need i say more?

hope you're well! hopefully i'll be back soon! fingers crossed.
xoxo - erin