Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i'm pinning, and pinning, and pinning, and pinning, and pinning, and pinning

we're all obsessed
it's not like pinterest isn't useful
 it's very useful
and brilliant
why can't i dream up these things?


here are some fav pins
from the last week

framed vintage herm├Ęs scarves
wonder if i could get away with a vintage framed target scarf? - here's the pin

possible master bathroom inspiration
i love the black framed shower and grass cloth - here's the pin

diy acrylic frame instuctions
i have to do this... maybe with my vintage target scarf (hehe) - here's the pin

source for chandelier candlestick covers
i love these, tons of options (patterns & colors) - here's the pin

source for a series of FREE downloadable butterfly prints
there are about 5 or 6 in the series and they're so beautiful! - here's the pin

a yummy one-dish dinner
pan roasted chicken with lemon garlic green beans & potatoes - here's the pin

hope you're having a great tuesday!
happy pinning!
- erin

Monday, January 30, 2012

oh my good golly gosh

the other day you met my friend
we call him horny... ya, ya, i know what you're thinking
he has horns people!
(if you missed him he was on my dining room mood board... here)

you can find your own horny at z gallerie

as much as i love my rhino

 recently found this guy (below) at zgallerie
and he makes me jump for joy

after i had the opportunity to feed a giraffe
my heart pitter-pats for these lovely animals
they're so sweet and gentle
not to mention gorgeous!

i mean... really.... could anything be cuter?
this was the baby.... baby giraffe... omg!

happy day! -e

Saturday, January 28, 2012

um.... yes!

i usually don't post on saturday

it's so winter-y outside
i think these cozy blankets
are the perfect chill-buster

they're from in2green

and they rock
heck yes (in blue)

love love love... comes in other colors too
i think this orange one may be my fav

if had an extra 500 bucks, i'd buy 4 or 5 of them
but i don't (who does) so i won't

maybe my handsome hubby will snap one up
for my birthday (in april)

****hint, hint****

they range from $75 to $150
and can be found at wayfair

xoxo - erin

Friday, January 27, 2012

a few simple (yet brilliant) ideas

every now and then i stumble across 
a few brilliant ideas

idea number one

take this...
bekvam spice rack from ikea - $3.99

and create these...
via pinterest
i love these little book shelves
totally stealing this idea for my boys' room

idea number two

where do you keep your bakers twine?
divine twine from wisker graphics - $15 per spool (lasts forever)

why in my sugar dispenser, of course!

idea number three

cover up this ugly thing
with this

a cute canvas and two hinges
buh-bye ugly

idea number four

are your plastic storage boxes taking up to much space?

here's where you put them!!
you can find diy instructions here

utilize the dead space in your garage.... genius, right?!

idea number five

need to cover up that hideous box sprint mattress?

here you go.... 


a little burlap and some studs... bingo!

sometimes the simple solution
is the only solution

xoxo - erin

Thursday, January 26, 2012

upside down

to date, i've never really "decorated" my ceilings
with the exception of one ceiling
i've always kept my ceiling painted white

now i'm considering a new ceiling option
for my office re-design
a wooden ceiling

i need to do some research
but why can't i put wooden flooring
on the ceiling?

have any of you done this before?
i need some direction

this is my current office mood board
3 of the four walls will be the cream color, the window wall will be tangerine

now imagine that room
with a beautiful wooden ceiling

some inspiration photos (via houzz)

i was wondering if this product from home depot would work?
it's vinyl plank flooring.
do you think you could tell that it's vinyl?
it's not like you can touch it!

here's a close up

it comes in all colors and finishes.
seeing as it's $1.99 a square foot
it really intrigues me.

what are your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

nearly complete

it's been a long haul
as you probably already know
i tend to decorate my home in layers
slowly adding items over time

the key word here is SLOOOOWWWWLLLLYYY

after over a year
my dining room is nearly complete

this was my inspiration

a very loose inspiration
really just a jumping off point

these are all the items
i've purchased to date (in mood board form)

source list... curtains - target; light fixture - west elm; rhino - z gallerie; octopus plate - anthropologie; 
missoni art - target; table - cost plus; wall color - azurite by martha stewart; 
large scale photo canvases - my photography (our first home - the loft in chicago)

here is a (in process) photo taken right after we painted the walls
over a year ago
since then we painted the trim white... yay!

i'm still looking for a rug 
and two dining chairs for the ends of the table
something big-ish and upholstered or slip covered
maybe adding a little color?

happy wednesday! -e

Monday, January 23, 2012

"ya, you saw my hair... so i must be BAD"

i found this video on my iPhone.

before you watch, i want to say a few things....

a) i'm not sure if i should laugh or be worried

b) we don't allow our children to say "shut up"

c) i'm pretty sure coop thinks he's really cool :)

i mean.... what 6 year-old says "oh ya baby"!?

Friday, January 20, 2012

my darling max is THREE!

happy birthday to my baby
the last of the crew
he is turning 3 today
how bitter sweet

it feels like yesterday that this little boy 
came into the world... like a hurricane
so different from my other two

max, my unkie, was a whirlwind of energy
from the start he knew what he wanted
he wouldn't back down
oh how i love him for that
reminds me of me :)

if he is displeased this is the face 
you would receive
shoulders back... ready for a fight

max, my baby, my darling boy
your mommy loves you to pieces
our family wouldn't be the same without 
your energy and your abundant love

happy 3rd birthday
please make this year go slowly
i want to cherish every second

in honor of your 3rd birthday
here are 3 things i love about my unkie

1) you wear your emotions on your sleeve. you're so easy to laugh, to smile,
to cry, to yell. we always know where we stand with you

2) your deep blue eyes. so expressive, so beautiful

3) your relationship with your siblings. 
i can see how much you adore them and they you. 
you will have each other for a lifetime and that makes me abundantly happy!


i love you unk! xoxoxoxoxo - mommy