Thursday, September 29, 2011

more casa sugar!

today at casa sugar, elka karl blogged about my bedroom re-design.
thanks elka!!
 i love casa sugar and enjoyed working with them on the post.

here's a link if you're interested.

hope you are enjoying the fall-ish weather... i am loving it!!
xoxo - erin

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

oversized art

i've been obsessively thinking about our office design.
i really want a huge piece of art (or 2 huge pieces of art) behind my desk (a harvest table).
i want a really HUGE statement.

here is some inspiration....
via pinterest
via pinterest
via pinterest
via thom filicia
via houzz
via lonny
via sixx design
via houzz
via houzz
via houzz
via apartment therapy

via pinterest

unfortunately, i am unable (financially) to purchase mongo artwork. boo.
i'll be producing the art myself. fingers crossed i can pull this off :)

have a great wednesday! -e

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

casa sugar

today my bedroom appeared on casa sugar.
a article about wood slice decor (the artwork above my bed).
you can check it out here!

hope your tuesday is going well. -e

Monday, September 26, 2011

office design

soon we're moving the playroom into the basement.
yay for me.... boo for the kids.
this significant move will allow space for an office.
i'm giddy just thinking about decorating a new space.

i thought i'd share some of my (super early) ideas.
here is a visual...
i think it's pretty and will work well with our living room.
here are some of the details...

1. a long harvest table 
(i'll have the same guy who made my kitchen table make it, 
you can see the kitchen table here)

2. a (knock off) arco floor lamp

(i don't have $2,700 for a floor lamp)

3. a natural fiber rug
(this one is from cost plus world market for $119)

4. a set of fun table lamps
(this one is from z gallerie for $149, 
but i might find something similar at homegoods)

5. large michelle armas inspired artwork, 
i'll probably paint myself
(if you haven't seen here work go here)

6. some fun curtains
(these are from anthropologie)

7. a modern office chair
(the tobias chair from ikea for $79)

8. an easel
(for when i begin painting again... fingers crossed)

9. new paint colors
(accent color - martha stewart's spiced pumpkin, main color - martha stewart's white truffle... both names make me hungry)

have a great week!!!! -erin

Thursday, September 22, 2011

girl's bedroom

recently i was browsing the urban outfitters website...
the "apartment" section was pretty impressive.
i challenged myself to furnish a room
using only items from urban outfitters.

this is my room, for under $1400
(you'll need to add is a dresser, as they don't carry dressers).

the shopping list...
1. painted medallions curtain (blue) - $39 per panel
2. deco empire headboard (silver) - $379
6. ziggy chair (khaki green) - $279
7. mosaic wall mirror (bronze) - $98
10. shag rug (blue) - $159
11. waterfall duvet cover (ivory) - $149
12. quilted velvet pillow (turquoise) - $24
13. round velvet pintuck pillow (washed yellow) - $32
14. the rise and fall bunny pillow - $29

happy thursday!
take care! -erin

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

run don't walk

i know that title of this post doesn't really work with the internet shopping.
but hey, you get the picture.... move fast!
and snatch up this little beauty from grandin road.
on sale for $49!

it also comes in nickel. but these days i'm lovin gold 
(or antique brass in this case).

mine is on it's way. can't wait until it arrives :)

sorry about the lack of posts...
we're battling both strep throat AND the stomach flu around these parts!

happy wednesday! xoxo -erin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

ANOTHER post about lighting

it seems all i blog about lately is lighting.
seeing that all the lighting in my new home is or was awful,
it's been quite a project!

now i'm focusing on bedside lighting.
right now, my bedroom looks like this...
my bedside tables are little-ish so i've been looking 
for a set of plug-in wall lamps. so save table top real estate.

originally i wanted these....
boston functional library wall light from lighting new york ($335)
but the husband said "no thank you".
he didn't care for the light and really didn't like the price.

so, i began a lllloooooonnnnnggggg search for something more traditional
with a smaller hit on the bank account.

this is what we agreed upon....
pivoting swing-arm pin-up lamp – home decorators collection  ($29)

yes, you read that right $29...  just a few weeks ago it was $45.
it has decent reviews... so why not?

this is what i envision (i added the lamps in photoshop)....

my attempt with photoshop.
not bad.
i think the new lamps will work.
maybe i can put the $610 i saved 

from not buying the boston functional lamps
toward a new bedroom chair?
wishful thinking!!

xoxo - erin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

quick purchase

i really want to update you on my new favorite pillow.
but darn-it i'm under the weather and not in the mood.

instead i want to talk about joss and main.
i always see stuff i'd like, but never pull the trigger.
i am not a impulse shopper. 
i like to research and make sure i'm getting a good deal.
blah blah blah.

today i finally did it!

i found a light fixture to replace big brassy.
big brassy is very BIG and very SHINY. i'm not a fan.
this will be big brassy's replacement.... non-brassy
iron lantern pendant from joss and main

here's non-brassy's stats...
12 light hanging pendant
rust finish
10' chain
34.25" H x 24.25" Diameter

all of that for $179.95

sounds good right?
here's that catch.... it's non-returnable. yikes! 
hoping for the best!!!

have a great day! -erin

Monday, September 12, 2011


the kids and i were riding in the car today,
and i had this conversation with cooper.
he's a riot!

cooper: mom... someday i want to ride my bike to a burrito restaurant.
me: but coop, you don't like burritos.
cooper: mom.... burrito is french for taco.
me: [laughing] no it's not.
cooper:  ok... then i want to ride my bike to the tortilla place.
me: huh?
cooper: [singing] tortilla, tortilla, tortilla, tortilla....
me: [laughing]
cooper: [singing] tortilla. tortilla. ma ma mia.
me: [laughing]
cooper: [singing with an italian accent] ma ma mia, ma ma mia, ma ma mia, ma ma mia
 me: [laughing]
cooper: ma ma mia means something bad happened.
me: [still laughing] you're so silly cooper!

(cooper pauses and thinks for a bit)

cooper: at least i didn't say poop.

pillow obsession....

i have a slight obsession with this pillow.
well, maybe not "slight". i may have a problem.
tomorrow i'll share more my obsession!

you can get a pillow of your own here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

ugly fugly master bathroom

as of today, my master bathroom is still ugly.
textured mauve walls.
cream tile with grayish-bluish medalions.
mis-matched hooks and towel bars EVERYWHERE.
a fabricated, fiberglass, tiny shower.
cream colored countertops with veins of blue running through it.
must i go on?

maybe this photo will help you envision.
this is a real estate photo.
for me, a total reno is in order.
do we have the money to do it? 
well.... no. but a girl can dream right?

here is my inspiration bathroom...

clearly, the floor plan will have to be altered,
but this is the look and feel that i'm going for.

maybe the floor plan will look something like this...
the scale is off... but you get the idea.
i've been doing some sourcing and found some items
that i think will work perfectly with my vision.

 the vanity
Newport Double Sink Console (Expresso Finish) from Pottery Barn - $2,29

or maybe this...
Fairhaven Double Vanity from Home Decorators Collection - $999

the mirror
Mongstad Mirror from Ikea - $129

the tile
Moraccan Cement Tile from Mosaic House - call for pricing

the pedestal tub
Langly Cast Iron Double Slipper Tub from Signature Hardware - $1,896

the faucets
Vestige Collection from Moen - $127

the lighting

Thomas O'Brien Sconce from Circa Lighting - $189

or something FUN like this...
Boston Functional Library Wall Light from Circa Lighting -  $293

ok. there is my vision. 
hopefully one day soon, I can get started!

have a great weekend! -erin

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what a treat!

today i received the most glorious package in the mail.
seriously... the greatest surprise. ever.

the mail carrier handed me this...

a little closer...

then i opened the box and found this...
really... could it be any more beautiful?

if you could even imagine...
it gets EVEN better from there!

this is what i ordered.
yes ordered. this was NOT a gift!

can you see it?
a little closer...

isn't it wonderful.
i'm sure you've seen these before.
nie nie has them in her home and has raved about them!

if you want your own gazing star
go to kurt knudsen's etsy shop.... piggy & dirt!

hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.
mine was filled with family, friends, a pot-luck dinner & beautiful weather!

xoxo- erin

Friday, September 2, 2011

a few friday favorites...

i saw these twin buffets on the blog "my little happy place"
and fell in love!

can you believe the amazing ikea hacking?
she took this....
ikea's edland chest ($199) - link
and turned it into a thing of beauty....

check out "my happy little place" for more information on this amazing transformation - link
 i think i may be making a quick trip out to ikea.
i have an empty wall in my living room 
screaming for some love.

another amazing photo from the same blog....
i love the amazing super-duper long lumbar pillow!
i fantastic idea for my new sofa.
carlisle sofa from pottery barn - link

this seems like an obvious idea.
but i honestly didn't think of it. 
3 different size basket and 3 different size towels.... brilliant!
no idea where i found this photo... sorry :(

wondering if they used the aluminum roofing stuff from the hardware store?
i am so in love with this look!

that's all i got for today! have a great weekend! -erin