Wednesday, April 25, 2012

scarves as art... plan b

plan a: diy acrylic frame

didn't work out, because all local distributors
didn't cut acrylic to size 
didn't have acrylic sheets large enough for my scarf

the scarf is 36" square
the largest piece of acrylic i could find was 34" x 46"

on to plan B... framing it

this is the direction i'm considering

above is a horrible mock-up
clearly the scarf will lay flat!
hopefully you get the idea.... a simple bamboo frame.

what do you think?
i would prefer a diy acrylic frame
sometimes you can't get what you want
if you try sometimes, you get what you need :)

xoxo - e

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

scarves as art

silk scarves
whether hermes or target brand
are very beautiful
for me, it seems pointless 
to bunch them up around your neck
especially since 
you can admire them on your wall

i realize this isn't a novel idea
it's something i've wanted to do for years

i'm so excited to start this project!

as a reminder
this is what i'm looking to frame
the colors are so vibrant and beautiful
and i believe it will look fantastic in my home

here are some inspiration photos
simple black frame - via pinterest
matching wooden frame (ivanka trump's home) - via pinterest

golden frame - via pinterest
hang them in bunches. kinda pricey! - via pinterest

above the mantel - via pinterest
here is another option
a simple floating acrylic frame
a little less
a little more
(not a scarf, but you get the idea)

diy acrylic frame - via my little happy place
what do you think?
happy tuesday! -e

Friday, April 20, 2012

40... oh my

as much as i would love to be the kind of girl that embrases her age
it's hard, i loved my youth
i wish i could smile & say i'm 27 (my favorite age so far)
but no
today i turned 40

this is my attempt 
to embrase it
to raise my chin high, pull my shoulders back
and be proud
proud of my accomplishments, of my wisdom
both of which i could have never achieved at 27

hell yes, i'm 40!
(still a little uncomfortable with that)

my friends and family have spoiled me rotten
which totally helps

yesterday i had a wonderful lunch with 
one of my favorite ladies, my girlfriend gina

she gave me a box of the yummiest cupcakes
we shared a lava cake after some fantastic pizza & salad
she gave me this.... so so so cute!

for dinner, i went to benihana with my hubby and kids
it's our traditional birthday place. we all love it!
after dinner
we had red velvet cupcakes and presents
(a day early!!!)

my wonderful husband surprised me with a very indulgent gift
that i've always wanted, but could never justify the cost...
an HERMES scarf and it's gorgeous!
i can't wait to get it framed and hang it
i'm doing some research on possible frame ideas
i will share my ideas on the blog
and hopefully we can come up with something fabulous!

my kids also gave me some wonderful gifts
some rachel ray cookware i've been wanting/needing
a necklace i've been eyeing on etsy

and a fiddle leaf fig plant 
you know how i love the fiddle leaf fig!

my husband's aunt/godmother send me this e-card
it's fantastic!

THEN this morning my sister-in-law dropped
off a skinny carmel macchiato from starbucks

like i said... so spoiled!

looking forward to tonight
i've only been told it's sans kids

more later :)
xoxo - 40 year old erin

Thursday, April 19, 2012

another coop post :)

this cracks me up
cooper is "in love" with his classmate
they went to the zoo together
and her mom shared these photos

doesn't it kinda look like a prom photo?
she popped her knee and he squared his shoulders.
not to mention his hand on her waist!
they are in kindergarden!

oh my!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

you tube

reilly was at a friend's house
posted a you tube video


happy wednesday! -e

conversation with cooper

this was my conversation with coop
when he got off the bus today

me: coop, how was school today
coop: ya, there might be a small tornado today
me: really?
coop: audrey's older sister said so
me: i think we're going to be ok
coop: do you remember when we had that earthshake
me: earthquake?
coop: those are kinda scary
me: they can be
coop: (head down, kicking the ground) um, ya
me: hey, you hungry for lunch?
coop: you read my mind sista!

love him, love him, love him!
here's a coop video i found on my phone today

Thursday, April 12, 2012


i'm a bit sad today
we had a loss
in our extended family

looking for a little inspiration
isn't that the truth! (via interest)
love it!  (via interest)
promise.  (via interest)
amen!  (via interest)

happiness...  (via interest)

i added this one because
i needed a good laugh
it's so me :)
(via interest)

happy thursday folks!
hugs -erin