Friday, November 30, 2012

thanksgiving tablescape

here is our 2012 table

i was in the mood for colorful and simple
it's nothing fancy, but nice :)

sorry about the crummy iPhone photos :(

happy holidays! -e

Thursday, November 29, 2012

christmas card outtakes

coop wasn't enjoying his
"fancy" clothes...

why is it so difficult to get a toddler to just smile?

christmas card coming soon!
want to get them in the mail before i post :)

it's feeling very christmas-y over here :) -e

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

tis the season

tis the season
a holiday party!

check out my new holiday party invitation design
available on

 in red

available for purchase here

and in green

available for purchase here

hope you're holidays
are filled with lots of holiday cheer!!

xoxo - erin

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

christmas cards past

every year
i design a custom christmas card
for my family

i poke a bit of fun at my kids
BUT (please know)
it's all done in fun :)

i just completed my 2012 card!
before i show it to you,
i thought i'd share my cards from years past....


(i skipped that year.... ooops!)

the interior said... "we have no idea what's going on!"




i'm excited to share the new christmas card.
stay tuned! -e

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

happy thanksgiving

today i'm busy in the kitchen
cooking, cooking, cooking

only thinking about this year's thanksgiving table
no, real plan in place

here are a few of my thanksgiving tables
from year's past....



hope you have a happy thanksgiving!

gobble gobble - e

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


it's hard to believe this little guy is 7

oh how i love and adore this kid

 in honor of t. cooper deegan's 7th birthday
here are 7 things i love about him...

1. he fits perfectly in my arms
and gives the best huggle-snuggles

2. each and every freckle on his 
adorable face melts my heart 

3. i've never know a person on this earth 
that can get so excited... about anything & everything

4. he's so sweet and sensitive, 
always wearing his heart on his sleeve

5. he's so smart and can tackle any lego set,
no matter the size

6. for seven, his vocabulary is endless,
and he'll always tells you how it is

7. he's the greatest, most supportive brother 
and will always have his sibling's back

to my favorite little man. your mom couldn't
love you more. i'm so proud of you and
love every moment i spend by your side.

you're the most amazing kid and i hope and pray 
that everyone you meet in this world
will love and cherish you, as i do

as you grow older, i pray you keep
your sense of wonder, your desire to help others,
your sensitive, compassionate side,
and your excitement for all things new.
and please know, i will love and support 
you every step of the way.

i love you to the moon and back!
xoxoxoxoxo - mommy

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the unfinished finished basement

we are at the beginning of a very long project...
creating a playroom in our dark, unfinished basement.

we're currently gathering ideas & making some decisions. 

here are a few thing we know...
1 - the kids need to vacate my office (the current playroom), so i can use it as it's intended
2 - we need to lighten up the basement... make it clean, inviting & desirable for the kids
3 - we can't spend a ton of money :(
4 - i need to purge... big time (the basement is full of cr@p)

yesterday, i went house hunting with my mother-in-law & i saw this unfinished basement.
by no means is it what i want. but, because we can't totally finish the space,
this unfinished basement does seem bright & less basement-y.
the design & photo quality is not so good, but i like how it's light & bright
so, how can i take this little piece of inspiration & make it colorful, fun & desirable for kids?

here are some inspiration photos. although none of these photos are perfect,
each one has something i like....

love the vinyl black & white tiles & all the bright white stairs/woodwork

very rustic, love the lighting & curtains
love the ceiling, lighting& red painted pillar
love the crates, the wall finish & the floors
pallet wall dividers... so clever!
lighting, floors, curtain walls & shelving.
clearly i want a playroom not a laundry room :)
love the lighting & the swing
via google
i like that it's bright with the natural wooden ceiling
via google
i think there are some great ideas in these inspiration photos.
now i need to put together a plan.

more to come on this home improvement project :)
happy wednesday! -erin

Friday, November 2, 2012

crummy halloween photos

we were having so much fun
halloween photos were completely forgotten!

is it bad to re-dress the kids in their costumes
for some cute group shots?

well... this is what i have.
pitiful :(

Reilly as Laura Ingalls

 Coop at Harry Potter


max as spiderman


 hope you have a fantastic weekend!
we're finally slowing down
now that soccer is over.