Friday, October 30, 2009

etsy find(s) of the day

so a girlfriend of mine got me thinking about owls. yep, owls. she was considering them as a theme for her daughter's bedroom and was worried that owls have become to trendy. trendy or not, they are so darn cute and have been on my mind ever since... where can i introduce an owl into my home??? hmmmmmm.

here are a few of my etsy favorites...

source list:
you're a hoot card: spillingbeans 
owl tunic: the trendy tot  
owl pillow: manic muffin totes 
owl mixed media painting: sofiak 
owl print: lee arthaus 
owl vinyl decal: holly & tyler's


this is what cooper told me he learned on "dinosaur train"
this morning...
first the dinosaurs die.
then after they die,
they, they peel the body off.
then we can see the bones.
then they turn to fossils.
then you just put glue on the
dinosaur and stick them together.
then it turns to, uh, like, it turns to
a big, big stone."

cooper L.O.V.E.S. dinos!

a sink bath

you know that age when your baby can sit perfectly but is way to small to sit in the big bathtub? so the obvious choice is a sink bath. right?

he's a perfect fit

"water... cool"

"can i touch it?"
lots of splashing....
"ok... i'm done"
aren't babies in sinks the best? i always get a little sad when they outgrow this stage!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin carving 2009

as many parents know, pumpkin carving with young children isn't a perfect moment in time, highlighted in all the parenting/design magazines. a perfectly lite room with fantastic halloween decor, cider bubbling on the stove top, and cake stands filled with all kinds of hand-made, yummy treats. ugh! at my house we're lucky if we get newspaper on the table! so here it is folks.... pumpkin carving in the real world...

STEP ONE - draw several mouth, eye and nose options for the kids to choose from. otherwise the kids will get completely overwhelmed and cry. well, that's been my experience.
STEP TWO - draw a picture of a pumpkin with their choices. after several drawings, a final pumpkin design is FINALLY chosen.

STEP THREE - clean out the pumpkins.... yuck!

STEP FOUR- carving. 
dan carved cooper's pumpkin and i carved reilly's pumpkin's eyes and nose. 
reilly carved her pumpkin's mouth and did a fantastic job! 
before everyone gets upset... let me assure you she didn't use a knife, 
but one of those handy-dandy child-proof pumpkin saws. 

STEP FIVE - a little clean up work

STEP SIX - ta-da!!!!
coop made a super silly pumpkin

and reilly made a super scary pumpkin!

they were so proud of their creations

a few night shots

ok, so it wasn't a "martha stewart magazine moment", but we had fun and very few hiccups! thank goodness, max was napping, or it would have gone down differently!

note: after the work was complete reilly and i spent an hour picking the seeds out of the goo and i made some fantastic pumpkin seeds. crunchy, salty and oh-so yummy! just my luck, lucy (the dog) snagged them off the kitchen table. bye bye pumpkin seeds! ugh!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sunday dinner guest

on sunday we had a guest at our dinner table

he likes salad

he belongs to coop and is called "my pet"

coop loves him dearly and he's become cooper's constant companion.

note: "my pet" was intended as a 4th birthday gift (next month), but coop found him and bugged us until we handed over the dino. 3 almost 4 year olds can be so annoying! oh... the dear little dino growls, purrs and moves his head and mouth. you can buy one of your own here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 holiday card line

i'm excited to announce my new line of holiday cards are now available through! here's a peek of a few designs...

i also have a line of baby announcements through you can check out all of my designs here.

currently i'm working on my 2010 line of baby announcements which will be available through in february. more on that
soon :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

flower artwork

this is some artwork i painted a few years ago. They used to hang in the old master bedroom, now they have a new home in my family room.  i think they work.... do you??

Thursday, October 22, 2009

this is what i did while the baby slept...

oh how i despise this job... but i despise a dirty fridge even more. looks like i have to go to the grocery! what household jobs do you hate??

oh... btw... a friend once called me the condiment queen! by the looks of this photo i think she's right!

another milestone down

this is what my little unkie did on his 9 month birthday. what a big boy!

daddy looks thrilled and lucy looks bored or maybe a little scared... she's probably realizing that the little monster will running after her very soon.


every fall brings my favorite sweet treat, the honey crisp apple. my entire family gets excited when these little lovelies arrive at the fruit stand!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the faces of unkie








unkie = love


cooper: [clears his throat]
cooper: "that's how i change my boice"
mommy: "that's how you change your boice?"
cooper: "yep, that's how i change my boice. it's grumbly"

oh that coop!

etsy find(s) of the day

i love orange

source list:
bedding: dahlush (link)
zinnia collage: art and philanthropy (link)
pillow: joom (link) 
wristlet: borsa bella (link)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


reilly's 1st grade homework

coop wanted homework too! so, here's some preschool homework...

poor kid... he hates being left out. oh how i love that kid!!

baby it's cold (and rainy) outside...

and we're all cooped up...

we want to go out and play

mother nature, please hear our pleas.... cuz we're all a little sad :(