Friday, August 31, 2012

photo of the day

poor kitty.
roger (the cat) and max
have a very
one-sided relationship!

have a great weekend! -e

Thursday, August 30, 2012

exciting news from

i've been talking about
a lot.

i'm still waiting to hear news on the holiday card challenge...
i got some good news from them today.

i entered several designs into their
inspired art challenge (art prints)
4 of my pieces were chosen.

here are the chosen pieces
(which will be going on sale soon at





xoxo -e

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

diy teacher appreciation gifts

in honor of the kid's being back in school 
(praise the Lord)
i've put together a list of
teacher appreciation gifts

thanks a latte
thirst for knowledge

give you a hand

one smart cookie

a cut above the rest

teach on

grass is greener
teacher's treats

what i like most

the internet is chuck-full of 
talented people!

for other gift ideas...

i've composed a list of hostess gifts (here)
a list of housewarming gifts (here)

love all these ideas -e

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

for two weeks

the olympics were a constant source of entertainment
we're kinda missing them now
max on a rainy summer day... playing legos and watching Olympic track and field.

Monday, August 27, 2012

first day of school

here they are
the annual first day of school photos

hard to believe my two oldest 
are in 4th grade and 1st grade

they're growing up

new backpacks ready for the first day of school

reilly and her new (ikea) umbrella... so cute :)

their faces look a little tired... it was hard getting them up so early!

my sillies 
all the neighborhood kids at the bus stop 
goofing around at the bus stop

my pretty little 4th grader 
and they're off. 
we're back to the grind.
girls scouts, ballet, cub scouts, soccer, school, 
and more
and more.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

my budget bathroom makeover

over the weekend 
dan and i embarked on 
a small bathroom makeover

we didn't have much to spend
only $300

here is the before photo
do you remember this UGLY bathroom?
MLS photo (when we purchased the house)
ack! no?
the walls were a dirty mauve-y, pink-y, peach-y color. 
with a odd lumpy texture.

here are a few after shots
(please don't mind my horrible photos, i can't seem to take a good photo of a bathroom. ever.)

here's the makeover breakdown.

metal chandelier candleholder

(repurposed) $120 from Bacon Square Farm on Etsy... link

budget lighting
 $29 from home depot... link

Toilet Paper Holder
 $17 from home depot.... link

Hand Towel Rod
  this is an appliance/cabinet pull, i'm using for a hand towel
$10 from from home depot.... link

Magnifying Mirror
(repurposed) $5 Frack Mirror from Ikea.... link

Shower Curtain
(repurposed) $30 Silver Starburst Shower Curtain from Target

(repurposed) My favorites - $25 a pair, Merete from Ikea... link

Paint Colors

Wall color - Martha Stewart, Heavy Goose
(mixed in Behr Premium Plus Ultra in eggshell)

Cabinet color - Martha Stewart, Cement Gray
(mixed in Behr Premium Plus Ultra in satin)

that's all i have for now.
i did order some new accessories that I will share soon.
i need to think about artwork
i'd like to frame out the mirror and replace the faucets.

to bad $ doesn't grow on trees :)

xoxo - e