Tuesday, December 21, 2010

master bathroom inspiration

lately i've been giving a lot of thought to our master bath.
dan and i have kicked around the idea of a claw foot tub.
believe it or not, HE'S even done a little research on the subject.
this thrills me to no end!
although i realize we are way away from any remodel.
i love the fact he's already considering cost.
AND, more importantly, my desire for a claw foot tub :)

to give you an idea of how horrible my current bath is...
here you go, the dreaded before photo
(please note, this is a mls photo, it already looks a tad better)...
so so ugly... need. to. advert. my. eyes.
do you think i could make that
look something like this?
source: elle decor
oh how lovely :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

great spaces

i have been reading heather armstrong's blog [dooce.com]
for several years.
i've always loved her approach to life 
and more importantly her style.

last summer she and her family moved 
into a new home in utah and slowly but surely
she's has been sharing some of her completed
spaces.... all i have to say is wow!!

the playroom

the kitchen eating area

her in-home office meeting area
lovely... right?
have a great weekend! xoxo - erin

Saturday, December 11, 2010

dreaming of a white christmas

tonight the hubby is out with the guys
it's me,
white wine
a lifetime move :)
(starring alyssa milano no less!)

and outside it looks like this...
snow and christmas lights! so pretty.

Friday, December 10, 2010

10 days late... typical.

i finally updated my header... whew!
that's about all i can handle today.

because my to do list is about a mile long....
1. dust house
2. vacuum and wash floors
3. finish teacher's gifts 
(the trays are looking great!)
4. finish christmas shopping for dan
5. wrap, wrap, wrap!
6. send christmas presents to parents
7. design, print and send christmas cards.
i'm thinking they may be new years cards
8. put together christmas menu
9. call back painter to schedule wall paper removal
10. paint trim in dining room
11. finalize dining room artwork
12. start brainstorming on my next room re-design 
(which room? not certain yet... so many to choose from!)

on another note...
my baby can feed himself with a spoon. he's growing up... sigh.
isn't tough watching your LAST baby grow up??

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cooper-isms (not sure how this kid comes up with the stuff!)

coop and i were in the car at the atm....

cooper: is that a credit card cleaning machine?
me: (chuckling) no, i just deposited money into our bank account
cooper: what do they do with your monies?
me: they keep it safe until we need it.
cooper: oh... they take care of your monies, like we take care of our pets?
me: ya, kinda.
cooper: we didn't take care of larry very good (our cat who passed away last year)
me: well, we DID take good care of him, he was old and got sick.
cooper: ya, when a cat's fur falls out... they die.
me: well that's a good sign that they're sick, but they may get better.
cooper: just like when people's hair falls out, they die.
me: huh?

honestly... kids say some crazy stuff!

as always, all posts should have photos... so here you go.
don't you adore those lights.... fantastic idea for a bathroom
also, i will be making a bunch of these this weekend.
perfect teacher's gifts.
you can find a tutorial here.

have a great wednesday!
xoxo - erin

Friday, December 3, 2010

i'm in big trouble.... HUGE!

she's seven.
i didn't start chatting with my friends on the phone until jr. high!
not second grade.
i'm in such trouble!

and because this seems like an incredibly lame post.
i wanted to share the new dining room light fixture.
i love it so!
please ignore all the junk on the right... i'm still putting away my fall decorations.
have a great weekend!
xoxo - erin

Thursday, December 2, 2010

thanksgiving post #1 – a really long [and boring] post

this post is very long and has tons of photos!
this is my attempt to capture our holiday.

wednesday [prep]
review food.com recipe for [day ahead] crock pot mashed potatoes...  yum!
remove the pup, so all food items are safe in the kitchen! she looks so pitiful!
coffee... for the much needed jolt of energy
pulling all the needed spices and ingredients
helper #1 is ready!
helper #2..... getting a little nutty with the paprika
some salt and pepper
iron the burlap runner and crisp white napkins
shine the table....have you ever used orange pledge? try it! the smell is amazing.
set the table
dishes before round 2 of cooking.... the stuffing
inherited family cook book... the best turkey and stuffing recipe EVER!!!
don't you LOVE the hand drawn illustrations.... priceless!
LOTS and lots of stuffing... a family favorite and we must have left overs
set the littles table... sorry for the horrible photo. i think i took it around 10pm... bad light!
thursday [the big day]

wash, stuff, lace and season the birdie. then... bye bye, in the oven you go!

then you know what time it is!!!  :)
this is the kitchen before... there will be an after [yikes!]
time for gingerbread house decorating!!!
poppy and the littlest cousins watching on
the brothers played a hole of golf in the backyard... i think they had a monetary bet going.
turkey done... now i need to make gravy... grrr. notice there isn't a photo of that! it didn't go well, but i pulled it off in the end!
 time to sit down and EAT!! again... no photos. very busy eating for a whopping 10 minutes!

after... ugh!
more after shots.... not sure where max got the tape that covers his spot at the table!
a little cousin cuddling! kylie, reilly and cooper.
reilly giving her cousin kylie a little thanksgiving dinner!
exhausted kylie... i think we all wanted a post thanksgiving nap!
 we had a GREAT day.
i hope your thanksgiving was wonderful too!
xoxo -erin