Wednesday, September 16, 2009

first science test...

reilly in her 1st grade classroom
i can't believe it. her first test, in science no less. this morning we sat at the kitchen table and reviewed living vs. nonliving. i even asked her practice questions. what a mom! right? just wait.

then we argued about whether or not plants "need" shelter. reilly came up with some good arguments on the pro-shelter side. however, i had to put a stop to the discussion (and hurry things along) and re-focus by saying.... "reilly, i understand what your saying, and yes baby plants do need protection from the rain, and yes big trees do protect them..... but we're just going to go with what they say in the text book." moving on....

have i really turned into that kind of mom? free thinking, creative child vs. getting an "A"on a test. hmmmmmm? difficult question. what do you think?

*** update: reilly received a 12 out of 12 on her test :) ***

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