Wednesday, September 8, 2010

it's over & we're home :)

we've officially moved into the new house. 
all of our possessions are here.... not sure where, but here. 
the POD is outside & still full.

so goodbye for now. because...
the direct tv guy is here & drilling holes in my walls. blah!
the kids are home from school today & are driving me batty.
and i'm pirating the internet from a neighbor, 
because i can't get mine to work. shhhhh!

more soon. probably when i'm feeling more settled.
until then, enjoy a few photos of some new home purchases...

i orderd these stools for the kitchen

and i ordered this light for the dining room...

hope you had a wonderful labor day weekend!
xoxo- erin


  1. LOVE the stools and light. Beautiful! Can't wait to see more. Glad you're in. Not settled,but in.

  2. Great choices! Good luck fixin' up and puttin' away. I am looking forward to seeing the new digs!

  3. Love what you've got so far. Very exciting. Can't wait to see more.

  4. love the light and stools! Good luck putting everything away! The one good thing is...everything will be organized!

  5. How exciting! I love your chandy and the stools! Can't wait to see them in their spots! =) congrats!

  6. Wow! Those are some good finds, can't wait to seem them in their new homes. Congratulations on the new home.

  7. So exciting! Those PODS things are awesome. Be careful when you open it... stuff can really get jostled around!