Tuesday, August 30, 2011

progress in the master bedroom

over the past few months we've been slowly working on the master bedroom.
the wallpaper has been removed. it's been painted. i've ordered pillows and i had 
a new slip cover made for the old living room sofa.

here is the before...
this is a real estate photo. i had nothing to do with this room.
don't you love the bright sunny yellow, with the sunflower border?
another yucky real estate photo.
more sunflower wallpaper and completely under decorated!


by no means am i finished with this room,
but it's coming along. and is becoming my favorite space.

here's our progress...

our master room to do list is as follows...

1- paint trim white

2- re-stain wooden doors in a dark rich stain

3- replace the existing ceiling fan with another fan
(i'd prefer a chandelier, but hubby requires moving air in the bedroom)

4- buy and install shaded sconces on either side of the bed

5- add a new upholstered  bench in front of the sofa. 
something like this...
simone bench from ballard designs - link

5- replace the existing bedroom chair 
with something like this...
the ellery chair from west elm ($425)  - link

or this...
mies van der rohe's barcelona chair. i can't afford the real thing,
but maybe i can buy a knock off (like this one from regency shop for $345) -
which do you prefer? i gotta know :)

more house updates tomorrow!
later gator!

xoxo - erin


  1. What a beautiful transformation! Your bedroom is gorgeous! I'd love to hear about what's on the wall behind the bed...so cool! Love the yellow pillow. My vote is for the first chair...but I'm sure you would make the 2nd chair fit in perfectly too!

  2. Beautiful!! You have been busy! I agree with Kerri, the art work behind the bed is super cool. I would lvoe to know where you got your white curtains. I am looking to change the ones in the living/dining room.
    Can't wait to see more!:)
    have a happy day

  3. Wow! What a transformation! You go! LOve it..... xoxo ,

  4. Hi Erin! Simply gorgeous. I'd love to feature this on CasaSugar if you'd be interested. You can email me at ekarl@sugarinc.com if you are. :)