Wednesday, December 28, 2011

merry christmas to us

over the years santa has been increasingly 
generous to my children.
i guess his funds are depleting,
because hubby and me kinda get the shaft.

not this year :)
instead of tons of gifts under the tree, we chose only a few meaningful gifts,
then splurged on a new piece of furniture for our home.
a dream come true... right!?

this is what santa ordered from west elm...

parsons media collection from west elm
this is a much needed item in our new home.
right now we're using a rinky-dinky-tiny ikea cabinet.
which is a problem because...

a. like i stated above it's rinky-dinky- tiny
and is to small for our tv and our family room
c. it's from ikea and it's seen it's day

see it  on the back wall? 
it worked in our old family room (as seen in the above photo), 
but our new family room is 2 stories high 
and makes the media cabinet appear very tiny.

i will take some before and after photos once it arrives.
i can't wait!

xoxo - erin

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