Monday, March 12, 2012

spring and sprout

we have a bird nesting 
the rain is falling

it's march in illinois
spring has sprung

let's pray it's here to stay

the kids were outside all weekend
riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline 
causing chaos in the cul-de-sac

dan and i had date night in the city
we ate dinner at sprout
 i elbowed chef dale levitski in the stomach
oooops i'm such a klutz
and tend to make a scene
remember him from top chef?
now he probably has a bruise on his belly
due to my elbow

i'm kinda (really) short and jumped out of my bar stool
right onto chef dale
then i collapsed in a fit of giggles
oh man

for me
the evening was exciting because of the top chef thing
and i love good food
dan was excited because he knew dale in college
they were both competitive divers
and competed against one another
dan at miami of ohio and dale at iowa

we're both such nerds

that being said, the food was amazing
i enjoyed every single bite
we ordered the 8 course prix-fixe menu
and OMG
i nearly licked the plates

some of the highlights were

english pea 
(chilled soup)
speck | purple haze | radish |mint

white bean | fennel | bacon | apple

cauliflower | escarole | faro | meyer lemon

this is AMAZING octopus dish... my absolute favorite. 
i couldn't find the explanation online :(

i realize i'm going on and on
but it was SOOOOO yummy!

if you're ever in chicago, run don't walk to sprout

hope you had a great weekend!
happy monday - e

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  1. Your husband went to Miami? My husband went to Miami! Isn't it a beautiful campus? We're forcing our daughter to visit so she might consider going there too.