Friday, February 1, 2013


it's FREEZING outside
the school bus never arrived
needless to say, my day started horribly :(

trying to stay warm and doing house stuff

take a peek into our morning....

views out my window... brrrrr!

i woke up this cutie... all cuddly in his warm bed

straightened up reilly's room
apparently littlest pet shoppe has invaded her barbie dream house! 
one direction everywhere!

this guy startles me
every time i enter reilly's room

 spot cleaning the boys bedroom carpet
(a potty training accident)

did you know power rangers ride dinos?

a surprise from dan 

straightened the kids bath
what is going on with the toilet paper?!?

planning our super bowl party 
with my new favorite cookbook - GO NINERS!!

magnet board diy

why do kids always mess up the throw pillows
and push around the furniture?

lucy enjoying a morning ray of sun

sat down with a cup of coffee 
and admired my new cost plus table  
on sale for $49 (link)

$12 orchid from ikea :)

looking forward to a fun-filled weekend including

friday night pizza night
a soccer game
a slumber party for 7 girls
helping dan's parents move
a super bowl party
(did i mention i'm a HUGE niner fan?)

have a great weekend!
xoxo - e

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