Tuesday, March 5, 2013


once we moved the kids playroom into the basement
it allowed dan and i to have a first floor office

we're not done with the office design
by a long shot
but, it's getting there 
and i'm thrilled!

we've cleaned and cleaned
then painted
we're starting with a fresh, clean slate

here is the before...

here is a peek of the after...

 this wall will have birch tree wallpaper, here's the sample...


behind my desk i put up a clothes-line type thing-y
what would you call it?

can't wait to add a few more items...
1. a rug
2. curtains
3. a chalkboard wall
4. some art
5. the wallpaper

more to come :)

xoxo - e


  1. Wow, looks amazing! You are so good at all the details. I love the white organizer/storage untit/shelves...not sure what they are called! Love the clothes line with all your cards...perfect.

  2. It looks great...where did you get the white storage boxes and magazine holders? Is that an ikea shelf unit?

    1. Thanks Connie! Everything is Ikea. I was on a extremely tight budget, the magazine holders were 2 for $2.99. I think the boxes were 2 for $4.99 and 2 for $6.99. Their office organization section is the best!