Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thanksgiving post #1 – the table

i'm splitting my thanksgiving posts into two.
as i'm concerned i will bore you to death.

so the plan is to bore you over the course of 2 days.

today i want to share our thanksgiving table.
tomorrow will be a blow by blow re-cap (oh joy!).

you can see some sneak peaks of the dining room re-design.
it's NOT done yet.

i still plan on:
1 - adding artwork
2 - painting the trim
3 - maybe adding a rug 
(although dan doesn't want to... boo!)

on a totally different subject.... check out what's happening outside my window!

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. i say, if it's cold anyway... bring on the snow!

more of our thanksgiving tomorrow!

xoxo - erin


  1. It is beautiful Erin!


  2. Erin, I LOVE it! Love the color of the walls and your tablescape is awesome! I love how large(long)your table is! It must be great to have that space!

  3. you've been working hard! it looked beautiful!

  4. It looks great! I'm jealous of your weather!

  5. Send that snow here!! The table looks gorgeous!

  6. Your table looks like a magazine shoot! So pretty. The paint color looks great too.

  7. Table looks really pretty. :-) I am so not ready for snow! LOL The dusting we got at Thanksgiving luckily is gone! ;-) Have a great night!


  8. your table scape is gorgeous. I am sure you all had a blast.

  9. Looks beautiful!
    Love that burlap runner!!
    Can't wait to see more
    Enjoy the day

  10. I'm loving the room, Erin, and the table setting looks amazing! Great job on it all--the wall color, burlap runner, rustic wood table. Love it all.