Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cooper-isms (not sure how this kid comes up with the stuff!)

coop and i were in the car at the atm....

cooper: is that a credit card cleaning machine?
me: (chuckling) no, i just deposited money into our bank account
cooper: what do they do with your monies?
me: they keep it safe until we need it.
cooper: oh... they take care of your monies, like we take care of our pets?
me: ya, kinda.
cooper: we didn't take care of larry very good (our cat who passed away last year)
me: well, we DID take good care of him, he was old and got sick.
cooper: ya, when a cat's fur falls out... they die.
me: well that's a good sign that they're sick, but they may get better.
cooper: just like when people's hair falls out, they die.
me: huh?

honestly... kids say some crazy stuff!

as always, all posts should have photos... so here you go.
don't you adore those lights.... fantastic idea for a bathroom
also, i will be making a bunch of these this weekend.
perfect teacher's gifts.
you can find a tutorial here.

have a great wednesday!
xoxo - erin


  1. So funny! Those trays are tres magnifique!

  2. So funny!! I definitely want to do those trays one day!!

  3. Kids crack me up! Those trays are killer... Great gifts!

  4. Ha ha! I have these on my list, but it will be probably be months from now.