Wednesday, October 20, 2010

so sorry

sorry it's been so long!
as you can imagine, life has been crazy since our move.

we've been...
entertaining house guests (my parents from california)
we've been...
settling into a new school
and a new neighborhood! (which we LOVE)

we've been...

AND we've been...
 undoing some seriously ugly 
interior design choices.

i've also been so so sick with bronchitis! ugh!

you think i'm joking about seriously ugly design choices???
proof is in the pudding.
following are a few shots of my wallpaper HELL.
it's been a battle and i think the wallpaper is winning!
from the downstairs powder room... it makes me dizzy

from the kid's bathroom.... reminds me of airplane wallpaper

border wallpaper from the master bedroom... ahhhhh sunflowers! HA!

master bedroom wallpaper...... more sunflowers. ugh!

between all the wallpaper and shiny brass light fixtures... i have some work ahead of me.

of all the light fixtures, i think this one is my favorite-worst...
don't you love the rose colored glass???

sorry about all the ugly.
to make up for it, here's some pretty...
vintage scale in our kitchen

new custom 60" round table from a vendor at the kane county flea market.
 fits perfectly in our octagon shaped eating space in the kitchen.

our fireplace decorated for fall

my favorite new purchase.... the CB2 big dipper arc lamp!

that's all i got (for now). more tomorrow and the next day
and the next day. i promise!

missed you! -erin


  1. That table looks great! More pictures please:) I hope things are calming down for you. I've been where you're at, and eventually it all falls into place.

  2. Your new home is fantastic Erin. You are doing a beautiful job so far. I want that vintage scale!

  3. welcome back! Love the pics of your new home. Love that vintage scale. Never been to the kane county flea market. Guess I need to check it out.

  4. Hi... I am wondering if you know where the mirror on the first picture on this page ( is from?