Friday, April 1, 2011

new lighting.... what a difference it makes

lately i've been looking around the house and only seeing how much work i need to do.
how many changes yet to be made. all the BIG plans in my head.
it's exciting AND daunting.

i keep forgetting all we've already done.
looking back on "before" photos... i remember. 
and wow! we have made some substantial changes.

this post should really be called "brass... bye bye bye"
room by room.... light by light we're making changes.

the dining room 

before... with previous owners furniture and window coverings

before.... when we moved into the house

after.... with my favorite west elm capiz chandelier
i still don't have a great photo of this room.... please ignore the toys and other odds and ends in this shot!
the kitchen 

before... with previous owners furniture

before... with our new table, chairs and window coverings

after... the new cb2 victory pendant lamp

powder room
before... with the lovely wallpaper and pinky-peachy sink and toilet

it's kinda hard to see the light fixture. it looked like this...

after.... with the a new pedestal-type sink and mirror

again... i have no idea how to take a photo of a light fixture, when that
fixture is my only source of light in the room. whatever!

kid's bathroom
before... the light looked like this (i don't have a before shot of the room)
after... with my favorite anthropologie shower curtain
still not digging the counters in the bath.... will probably have to be replaced with white.

cooper's room
before... a super ugly ceiling fan. it needed to be replaced. not only because it was UGLY,  
but because it was so close to the bunk that a child might lose a head. yikes.

after.... simple, white, cheap ikea pendant light.
haven't blogged about this room yet. we still need to paint the walls and dresser.
hopefully more soon! one thing i will tell ya, those bunk beds were handmade by my husband.
thanks to ana white (previously knock off wood)!

other lights that need to go...
hallway lights

possible after
loft semi flush mount light - $93 from csn

kitchen island lights

possible after
globe pendant - $99 each from west elm

that's all.
this blog post has gotten far to long.
sorry :)


  1. i especially love the lights for the kitchen island. but what's wrong with what's there? looks like recessed lighting, but i could be wrong. did you paint cooper's room? all in all, you've made a tons of changes and they all look fantastic!

  2. gina... we want a pendant of some sort for the kitchen island. right now it is recessed lights. i like them but don't love them!

    coop's room is still the rust color that came with the house. we're probably painting it white. adding pops of color through bedding, artwork, etc.

  3. Great choices Erin! I love them all :))

  4. Oh, the fixtures make a HUGE difference. I love those globe lights. They will look awesome over the kitchen counter!