Friday, April 15, 2011

Trad Home

aside from all my christmas designing,
i did take a moment to peruse the premier issue of Trad Home.

here are a few items that stuck with me.

a kickin playroom

i don't know.... i just like it. ok?

grasscloth wallpaper..... heck ya! oh and a pretty cool chandelier too!

artwork love

bedroom dreaming

that's all i got. later gators!
more next week... with all my house updates :)

xoxo -erin


  1. What a cool the colors. I also like the grass cloth wallpaper. I only wish I could find my style...I'm a little stuck over here...and all you wonderful bloggers that have style make me a little jealous!!

  2. I like the grasscloth too, reminds me of Mad Men for some reason.

  3. love all these images! esp the playroom! thanks!

  4. Great playroom! Great everything!