Wednesday, October 24, 2012

some things i've learned

here are 10 things i've learned 
about weight watchers....

1) fat free creamer is 0 pts... sweet!
2) 5 oz of red wine is 4 pts but 10 oz of red wine is 9 pts... not cool
3) never ever eat a granola bar... it's not worth the pts
4. yoplait light yogurt is the best bang for the pts
5. my husband gets nearly twice the number of points as me... again, not cool
6. i'm sick and tired of talking about pts
7. there are some great weight watcher blogs...

(my favorite)

(don't let the title fool you, all meals have pts)

8) i hate weighing myself... and will only do so first thing in the morning
dressed in underwear and a tank top!
9) i need to exercise more and drink more water
10) i hope what they say is true... that it becomes a lifestyle not a diet
(not convinced of this yet)

because every post needs a photo here you go...
reilly fell asleep reading a book for school... aren't sleeping kids the best?

have a great tuesday! -e


  1. I love this pic. My daughter falls asleep reading every night. She is a maniac.

    Stick with WW, I promise you'll forever be glad you did. Even if you don't land on the cover of a magazine, you'll be making changes that are better for your body. I only weigh myself in the morning too, naked. TMI? Sorry. And I do NOT weigh myself when it is "that time of the month" or for about a week after, it takes me forever to get rid of all that bloat. I'm totally going to check out those blogs. I still like Carrots n Cake, she is not a WW but just a healthy living gal who eats real food and exercises.

    Good luck!

  2. YES! Stick with WW -- I lost almost 30 pounds on WW after giving birth to my second child. I am now lifetime and weigh in once a month. I need it to keep me accountable. YOU CAN DO IT, ERIN! I am now obsessed with the 3 point Jolly Pop microwave popcorn and Dr. Pepper 10 (zero points!). There is also a sweetened frozen steel cut oatmeal from Trader Joes that is 4 points. They come in individualized packs and take 3 mins in the microwave. I stay full until at least 1.30pm. I love hearing your tips -- keep em coming and GOOD LUCK!