Wednesday, November 14, 2012


it's hard to believe this little guy is 7

oh how i love and adore this kid

 in honor of t. cooper deegan's 7th birthday
here are 7 things i love about him...

1. he fits perfectly in my arms
and gives the best huggle-snuggles

2. each and every freckle on his 
adorable face melts my heart 

3. i've never know a person on this earth 
that can get so excited... about anything & everything

4. he's so sweet and sensitive, 
always wearing his heart on his sleeve

5. he's so smart and can tackle any lego set,
no matter the size

6. for seven, his vocabulary is endless,
and he'll always tells you how it is

7. he's the greatest, most supportive brother 
and will always have his sibling's back

to my favorite little man. your mom couldn't
love you more. i'm so proud of you and
love every moment i spend by your side.

you're the most amazing kid and i hope and pray 
that everyone you meet in this world
will love and cherish you, as i do

as you grow older, i pray you keep
your sense of wonder, your desire to help others,
your sensitive, compassionate side,
and your excitement for all things new.
and please know, i will love and support 
you every step of the way.

i love you to the moon and back!
xoxoxoxoxo - mommy

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  1. How precious to post about your birthday boy! I hope he gets to see this when he's older so he can be reminded of your love of him. Thanks for giving me a great smile today :-)