Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the unfinished finished basement

we are at the beginning of a very long project...
creating a playroom in our dark, unfinished basement.

we're currently gathering ideas & making some decisions. 

here are a few thing we know...
1 - the kids need to vacate my office (the current playroom), so i can use it as it's intended
2 - we need to lighten up the basement... make it clean, inviting & desirable for the kids
3 - we can't spend a ton of money :(
4 - i need to purge... big time (the basement is full of cr@p)

yesterday, i went house hunting with my mother-in-law & i saw this unfinished basement.
by no means is it what i want. but, because we can't totally finish the space,
this unfinished basement does seem bright & less basement-y.
the design & photo quality is not so good, but i like how it's light & bright
so, how can i take this little piece of inspiration & make it colorful, fun & desirable for kids?

here are some inspiration photos. although none of these photos are perfect,
each one has something i like....

love the vinyl black & white tiles & all the bright white stairs/woodwork

very rustic, love the lighting & curtains
love the ceiling, lighting& red painted pillar
love the crates, the wall finish & the floors
pallet wall dividers... so clever!
lighting, floors, curtain walls & shelving.
clearly i want a playroom not a laundry room :)
love the lighting & the swing
via google
i like that it's bright with the natural wooden ceiling
via google
i think there are some great ideas in these inspiration photos.
now i need to put together a plan.

more to come on this home improvement project :)
happy wednesday! -erin

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  1. this is exactly what im up to.. in the same boat!