Tuesday, December 4, 2012

christmas tree hunt

on sunday we spent the day
hunting, searching, finding, losing and finding again
our 2012 christmas tree

this was our first time cutting down our own tree
and i think it will be a new tradition.

our tree is so lovely and fresh!

here are a few photos from our day!
on the horse-drawn wagon on our way to the fields

this is the tree max wanted... it would require two stars!

this was the tree reilly wanted.... in honor of charlie brown.
this is the tree mommy wanted.... perfectly symmetrical and beautiful!
the kids with our tree.... forced to pose and very annoyed with mommy

another try... a little better - love that belly max!
our tree grew legs! taking our tree back to the wagon

taking the tree home.
max decorating in his cars pull-up.
coop decorating... it was very warm that day. we rarely decorate for
christmas in shorts in illinois!
another cute diaper pic.
reilly decorating
all done :)
i added this one... because that kid is kinda cute :)
happy holidays!

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