Thursday, June 10, 2010

grasscloth and gymnastics...

sorry to all of my bloggy friends, i've been out of commission finalizing my 2010 holiday card line for holiday cards are their biggest sellers, so it's been a long process! if i owe you an email... i promise to be in contact soon!

on to more exciting stuff! grasscloth wallpaper.... my love for it and thoughts on how i can incorporate it into my home (or potential new home). to honor my love for grasscloth... i have changed my header!

here are some inspiration photos..... photos that are so lovely, you may have to avert your eyes!

source: decor pad

source: decor pad

source: nate burkus

can you even believe that mirror! the lamps! the red bow!
source: palmer weiss

source: decor pad

i'm not a pink girl, but i'd gladly change for those those lamps and curtains!
source: decor pad

after reviewing all of these photos, i believe grasscloth wallpaper works best in dining rooms and hallways. where would you put grasscloth wallpaper???

we have some pretty big news over here! before i tell you the news, here's a brief backstory...

reilly started gymnastics last fall... right before thanksgiving. anyway, she loves it, especially when they get to jump on the trampoline! but what 7 year old wouldn't like jumping on a trampoline. right?


a few weeks ago reilly (and coop) had their big extravaganza gymnastic show. they did great! i was a proud mama! after reilly finished her beam routine, a kinda scary looking (yet official looking) lady pulled reilly aside and had her do a few gymnastic-y type move thingies. as quickly as she was wisked away, she was back. so i thought nothing of it.

the next saturday, during reilly's gymnastics class, the same lady and another man, pulled reilly out of class. this time she did some mat stuff and some work on the bars. then again, back to class.`

seeing an opportunity to bolt,  dan and i sneaked out of gymnastics to go to the local produce market. upon our return, we were pulled into a private meeting. very serious stuff was said and reilly was asked to be on the gymnastics pre-team. needless to say we're really excited for reilly. the gymnastics team is quite good, they have several nationally ranked gymnasts.... some even in the top 3. so again,we're very proud..... but good-gosh, it's a time commitment!! reilly is at the gym 7-1/2 hours a week! bye bye to our no schedule, lazy-days summer :(

here are a few extravaganza photos....

reilly's beam routine

 reilly's bar routine

our little coop-man acting like a monkey

 yay reilly!

yay cooper! (he wouldn't get down.... loved the cheers!)


  1. Love grasscloth and I agree - I could see grasscloth in a DR or hallway or an office. There are some really affordable options out there. Your inspirational photos are great! And, great news for your daughter!! Both your children are so cute!

  2. I love grasscloth too! Those images are all very inspiring. I am currently lining our built ins with it. I know you are proud of your family.

  3. I love grass cloth, too! We had it in a green tint when I was growing up in our living room. I would put it in a small area, so it's easy to remove when they fad passes! I also love the inspiration picture with the red bowl. I stared at that one for a good while.

    congrats to reilly! that's fantastic! and that scary-looking lady really is scary looking.

  4. Yay for Reilly! How exciting! Love that last room with all the pink too!

  5. Hi Erin!

    So fun hearing from you on my blog. :) I LOVE the second picture with the dark wood table and jars of that! Congrats to your darling little girl! Ellie was in gymnastics for a couple of years and we loved it too. You have a beautiful family!