Wednesday, June 2, 2010

this and that

yep... this is another one of those posts! a few catch-ups with what's been going on. warning to non-friends and family.... this post contains far to many photos of rocks, eggs and one particularly cute giant.

coop's current obsessions
coop is currently obsessed with 2 things....

collecting uninteresting rocks

and band-aids.... LOTS of band-aids

reilly's first grade class just wrapped up their chicken hatching experiment. all the children waited patiently for 21 days until it was HATCH DAY.... which incidentally fell on a sunday. so we spent several hours of our sunday watching tiny holes in eggs.

it wasn't until later that i found out that the baby chicks poke a hole in their eggs, then fall asleep for 12 hours. unfortunately we were watching them sleep... bummer! but there was one new chick that we got to stare at for awhile... i guess he was the early bird (pun intended) :)

i'm pleased to introduce you to daisy (named by reilly & her buddies)

the rest of the two hours was spent doing this...

we are the giants, the mighty mighty giants
reilly's t-ball team switches to pitching and hitting half way through the season. now things are getting pretty interesting. and wowza my little giant can hit! i was a little nervous at first, seeing as i've never practiced with her. she did very well....

up to bat, number three from the giants team..... reilly!!!

 good game

 the mighty giants
that's my girl... the only girl on the team


  1. We have a few "band-aid obsessed rock collectors" in our house too!! I usually find them in the dryer as they go clunking around!!:)
    Enjoy the night!

    Go Reilly!!!!!

  2. go reilly! you da bomb!

  3. How funny! My sister played on an all boy baseball team growing up and loved it! The little chick is so cute too!

  4. oh yes we have a rock collector also! Although now I've told him to only find rocks that look like hearts! great photos!