Thursday, June 3, 2010

wisteria favorites

now that we're kinda getting close to [fingers crossed] selling our home. i'm saying that because we've had a lot of activity and i feel we finally have our house priced correctly (thank you gina!). here's hoping someone will place an offer!!

so.  i've mentally [already] moved out of this house and into a few new homes i've seen in the mls. i know... bad idea erin.

we don't need to completely start over design-wise, but we will have more space and do need a few items. here are a few of my favorites from wisteria. i probably won't buy these exact items... i'll most likely thrift similar items or find more budget friendly alternatives. but if i had the big bucks and wasn't increase my mortgage payment... then i would be calling up wisteria asap!

new kitchen table
trestle table - $2,499 (yikes!)

i know i won't find this exact table in a thrift store, but maybe i'll find a alternative that has the same feel. elegant yet rustic. right now our kitchen table is to small for our family of 5... we're in need of something bigger. something that can seat 6.

dining chairs
 oak x-back chair - $129

i'm pretty certain i can find a set similar to these for far less. craig's list here i come! possibly some bentwood chairs that i could refinish?

a set of living room chairs
either a set similar to this...

or a set similar to this....

i think the spindle chair would be a little difficult to find on craigs list or a thrift store, but i've seen a lot of substitutes for the french colonial armchair. which chair do you like?

side tables
i like both of these side tables. the prices aren't horrible, but we'll see. i'm thinking the round would look great in the living room (between a set of one of the chairs above) and i'd like the square table next to the sofa in the family room (right now i'm using a tv tray (yuck!).

kitchen island stools

even the name is perfect! you know coop will love to sit on one of these while eating his cereal! i've seen a lot of options similar to these stools.... maybe even vintage.

coffee table
oh, how i love this table! perfect for the family room!!!! where could i possible thrift this????

entry mirror

now, really don't need a new mirror, but i really love this one. hey, maybe my existing mirror will break in the move? you never know:)

living room lamp
i have a beautiful pedestal table in my living room. it was my grandmother's and i adore it... i mean really love, love, love this table. anyway, it has a horrible target lamp on it with a pretty funky anthropologie lamp shade. it really needs to be changed out. and i love this lamp, almost equally to my table.... a perfect match!

the lines and the rectangle shade... oh my! maybe it will go on sale? i can only hope, cuz hubby isn't going to enjoy a nearly $300 lamp, especially with 3 kids who like to throw balls and play with spongy swords!

has anyone seen anything similar at let's say homegoods or pier one? please say yes!!!!

well, there they are, my wisteria favorites. hope you have a happy thursday!

xoxo, erin


  1. copy cat chic did a copy of the coffee table with the wheels...why can't i remember what that's officially called? and i know for sure that many people lose/break many things when moving!! here's hoping for lazy careless movers. :)

  2. My mind is always all over the place when we visit a new home too. It's just to much fun! Good luck, hope you get that contract soon!

  3. Oh, how funny! I hadn't noticed the scallop edged mirror...LOVE it. And, that bamboo leg table - simply gorgeous!