Thursday, October 28, 2010


yesterday, i was a little bored.
so i googled our new address.
wondering, if maybe, we have a notorious address. 
we don't.
i thought i might find some past foul play or something of interest.
you know... break-ins, ghosts, maybe an unsolved crime?
just to be clear... i wasn't hoping to find something :)

ya, i'm a little nuts.

there was no foul play to be found,
but what i did find was a very old mls listing.
not sure how far back it goes, but it's pretty bad.

although these photos look nothing like the home we moved into.
there were a few items left behind
that indicated this was in fact my new home.

feast your eyes on these beauties....

 family room.... some seriously ugly window treatments
and check out that odd spattering of artwork on the wall!

master bedroom.... not awful, maybe a tad crowded.
 can see the horrible sunflower border that i blogged about last week?

master bedroom sitting room... i have no words. really. no words.

the eating area off the kitchen... oh dear.

dining room... very traditional, not horrible.... but again, what's with the crazy window treatments?
they were left behind when we purchased the house 
and it took me over an hour to get those suckers down. 

i've always said...
as long as a home has good bones...
you can make it pretty.


  1. that is hi.lar.ri.ous. the sitting area in the master made me chuckle! it looks like something out of Golden Girls! does it not?!

  2. But the "bones" do look good !!

  3. I agree, the bones do look great.
    Big spaces!
    Enjoy the day

  4. You're funny!! Love the bones of your new place and it looks like you have so much space!! So awesome!!