Friday, October 29, 2010

to paint or not to paint

this is the question i pose to you...
do i paint perfectly good wood trim and doors???
my design preference is to paint,
it's A LOT of beautiful wood to paint
i feel kind of guilty.

this morning i went through my design file,
and out of 414 photos, i could only find 5 with wood trim.

here is what i found... (not much...but very encouraging)

 i've always loved this room. especially with the grasscloth... which we are considering for the foyer.

i LOVE this room too... grasscloth (again) and white furniture. lovely. right?

the wood trim paired with the white beadboard... kinda cool!

found this in my lake cottage design file (a dream of mine).
i'm liking the white walls and windows paired  with the wood trim.

 wood floors and trim paired with white walls and crown molding.... yes, please!

i think the common theme is wood trim, windows and doors
look very nice if you bring in pops of white in other ways.
what do you think? be honest. i need it!!

xoxo -erin


  1. I don't know...that is a hard question! I mean I would prefer to paint, but I like the examples you've shown. My friend has wood trim (think it is called rosewood) in her house and it looks great - the colors she picked for the interiors were very light which contrasted nicely w/the warm wood trim.

  2. Very hard decision. You can't go wrong. The photos look great. I like the wood trim with the white beadboard. So pretty and warm.

  3. I think you need to change the wood either way. Either stain it a little darker or paint it white. I think otherwise, you'll be fighting yourself for a design you like that accommodates the trim. Every inspiration photo has a significant amount of white, and much of that is partially white I say go all out and paint it all white. Do it room-by-room so it isn't as overwhelming. Maybe get the girls together to help!!

  4. Tough choice, but I am with Gina. I think this medium toned, honey wood is very hard to work with and find color that look good against it. I would stain darker or paint white. I don't think there's anything sacred about the trim. Paint it!