Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas card time

yep, it's that time again.
the dreaded holiday card.
AND getting the perfect photo of the kids! ACK!

over the summer i worked with shutterfly.com
to create a line of designer christmas photo cards.
i thought i would share a few designs...

you can see my entire line of shutterfly.com designs here.


  1. How awesome! You are so talented! i hate trying to get a good card shot. I am using one from this summer's vacation, the only reason, we are all looking at the camera with our eyes open! No kidding.

  2. Great cards! We had someone take tons of pictures of our family last weekend and I think we need to do it again. Ugh...

  3. Wow, you designed these? I am impressed! We actually are ahead of the game this year. I already have my cards ready to go! woo hoo!

  4. They're great! Good job :)

  5. love these christmas card ideas - they look awesome!