Friday, February 3, 2012

ANOTHER office mood board

this is my second crack
at a mood board for my office

i still love the first board


all i can think about these days
is this mural from anthropologie

my office is perfect 
to integrate this lovely mural

the new mood board...
source list: rug, coral lamp, desk/table, basket, curtains, mirror, chair, foo dogs, knock off arco lamp, easel (vintage), fabric (?). 

here is my 
old mood board
here is a link to the old mood board and source list

i really like both.

xoxo - erin


  1. They're both beautiful. I like the mural...but if it were MY office I would go with your first board...the feeling is a little more fun. The second one is a little more if you want to get lots of work done....that might be the right one for YOU!

  2. I vote for the first one! I LOVE it

  3. I really like elements of both, the panels on both boards, the desk in #2 and the easel are my favorites.