Thursday, February 23, 2012

melting my heart

quite often
my kids just kill me
(the good way)
i can't help but
brag a little

cooper brought this home 
from kindergarten last week

i got a good cry
over this one :)

"i love my sistr"

"i love Dan eand Mom"
(i love that it's "dan" instead of "dad")

"i love love my dog"

"i love my gramdpa"

"i love my frogr"


that made my day

what have your kids done
that have melted your heart?

happy thursday! -e 


  1. Brag away. these same notes are coming home to my house too and I love them. It's hard not to try to save each one.

  2. aw, how sweet! and i love that you can tell coop is from the midwest..."eand"? just like it sounds from a true chicagoan. :)

  3. ohmygosh. that first picture kills me. so so so precious. frame that!