Monday, February 6, 2012

switch-a-roo... can light to pendant light

for awhile now i've wanted to hang to pendant lights
over my kitchen island
only problem
i didn't want to hire a electrician

and it seemed complicated to do it myself
(or have my husband do it himself)

it wasn't

dan & i picked up two conversion kits
from home depot for $10 each

i probably could have done the handy-work myself
luckily, i didn't have to
dan did all the heavy lifting

and he transformed this...

to this...

dan tends to dislike electric work
this project went extremely smoothly

like i said, given a few tips from my husband,
i probably could have handled it myself

the instructions were very clear
and the swap-out process was hiccup-free!

hope you're having a great monday!
xoxo - erin


  1. LOVE the new lights! Great job!

  2. How fun are those?! They look great! My husband is afraid of electrical work too. Remember the chandelier I painted? It hasn't worked since since I painted it and he tried to hook it back up! ;( No eating in the diningroom for us unless it's daylight!

  3. wow! changed the whole look of the room! beautiful.