Friday, April 20, 2012

40... oh my

as much as i would love to be the kind of girl that embrases her age
it's hard, i loved my youth
i wish i could smile & say i'm 27 (my favorite age so far)
but no
today i turned 40

this is my attempt 
to embrase it
to raise my chin high, pull my shoulders back
and be proud
proud of my accomplishments, of my wisdom
both of which i could have never achieved at 27

hell yes, i'm 40!
(still a little uncomfortable with that)

my friends and family have spoiled me rotten
which totally helps

yesterday i had a wonderful lunch with 
one of my favorite ladies, my girlfriend gina

she gave me a box of the yummiest cupcakes
we shared a lava cake after some fantastic pizza & salad
she gave me this.... so so so cute!

for dinner, i went to benihana with my hubby and kids
it's our traditional birthday place. we all love it!
after dinner
we had red velvet cupcakes and presents
(a day early!!!)

my wonderful husband surprised me with a very indulgent gift
that i've always wanted, but could never justify the cost...
an HERMES scarf and it's gorgeous!
i can't wait to get it framed and hang it
i'm doing some research on possible frame ideas
i will share my ideas on the blog
and hopefully we can come up with something fabulous!

my kids also gave me some wonderful gifts
some rachel ray cookware i've been wanting/needing
a necklace i've been eyeing on etsy

and a fiddle leaf fig plant 
you know how i love the fiddle leaf fig!

my husband's aunt/godmother send me this e-card
it's fantastic!

THEN this morning my sister-in-law dropped
off a skinny carmel macchiato from starbucks

like i said... so spoiled!

looking forward to tonight
i've only been told it's sans kids

more later :)
xoxo - 40 year old erin


  1. Happy Birthday Erin!!
    believe me i hear ya on the whole 40 thing...but it's not soooo bad?!?!?!;)
    have a happy day

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! I think 27 is the best too. sigh. I love that scarf. I have always wanted one too, maybe someday. For my 40th, i want a Corvette. Do you think I'll get one? I have wanted one since I was 5, I think 35 years is long enough to wait. I am so jealous you went to beni's, I love it there but my family, not so much. Have a very happy day.

  3. Way to embrace 40! You can do it and if nothing else, enjoy all the perks of having a big birthday.

    Enjoy your day.

  4. Happy birthday girl! I'm older than you and can honestly say that my 40's are turning out to be one of the best times in my life, I hope you'll feel the same. Looks like you're off to a good start!

  5. No wonder that awesome gorgeous necklace was already sold...I guess you can thank your kids for getting you that purse, too, because if the necklace hadn't been sold that mighta been your present from me! Anyway, hope you're having a great cupcake-filled weekend!

  6. Happy Birthay Erin! 40 isn't so bad...been here a couple of far so good! I hope your weekend is wonderful!