Tuesday, April 17, 2012

conversation with cooper

this was my conversation with coop
when he got off the bus today

me: coop, how was school today
coop: ya, there might be a small tornado today
me: really?
coop: audrey's older sister said so
me: i think we're going to be ok
coop: do you remember when we had that earthshake
me: earthquake?
coop: those are kinda scary
me: they can be
coop: (head down, kicking the ground) um, ya
me: hey, you hungry for lunch?
coop: you read my mind sista!

love him, love him, love him!
here's a coop video i found on my phone today


  1. Oh Erin, that little clip had my son and I cracking up! He is too funny! I love his facial expressions! Tell him he needs to do a video once a week!!

  2. I needed that laugh today! I love these little conversations. I have been trying to write some of them in a little journal, of course I don't have many but someday I think my kids will appreciate it.