Wednesday, October 14, 2009

no computer = boring blog entries

my faithful macbook pro... is currently out of order. ugh. apparently it had a recalled display chip inside and started to black-out for no apparent reason. double ugh!

so now i'm stuck with my iPhone or my husbands old laptop that my kids play nick jr. games on. this thing is a old clunker, plus it's a pc. so my creativity and photos are currently placed on hold. my apologies to all those creative pc users out there... i just don't understand these machines and feel as though my hands are tied!

so here's a brief re-cap of what has been going on in the deegan household...

1 - we had a terribly long, long, long, long weekend. the kids were off from school on thursday and friday for some teacher-in-service days then they had monday off for columbus day. thankfully dan was home on monday to help out... thank you darling.

2 - i think 3 out of the 5 of us have piggy flu. well, maybe not. i don't know. we're all coughing, congested and have the grumpies. i called max's doctor and she seems to think it's a cold. but let's go with piggy flu... it's more interesting and has a better name.

3 - the weather in our beloved midwest is awful... i mean it... awful. rain, gray and cold. rain, gray and cold. repeat. so we're all cooped up. the kids get a kick out of the phrase "cooped up"... because of cooper. Isn't it funny what 6 and 3 year olds find funny? That and their attempt to include the words poop, poopy or pee pee in any conversation. oh how i love toilet talk!

4 - in order to flush out all of our extra energy, i've tried hard to get creative. we've painted canvases, played with play-doh (ugh) and even pulled out the water colors with endess amounts of clean white paper. now my home is covered with artwork... god forbid i throw one masterpiece away. photos of this beautiful artwork to come... once my best friend is back from the apple genius bar.

5 - the kids got back their school photos yesterday. good news... all our "practice smiling" paid off. although, i don't know if either kid was actually smiling. but really. who cares. the photos are cute. photos will be posted... again once my best friend comes home!

6 - boredom hit it's peak today when coop did a puppet show behind the leather chair with a wallet size school photo of himself. "wallet-sized coop" really didn't have much to say.... he just did a lot of dancing and singing. it was good entertainment for about 3-1/2 minutes.

i think from this post you can guess.... not a lot has happend in my hiatus from the blog. i'll keep you posted on more non-happenings.

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