Thursday, October 1, 2009

new mirror ideas...

lately i've been obsessed with getting a new mirror for over my mantel. right now i have a standard rectangle mirror with a framed photo and buffet lamps... nothing special. here's some photos...

i really want to add some style to this vignette and my first order of business is a new mirror. i know that a mirror isn't a very inspired idea. it's necessary because my family room is north facing and i need a little light reflection. here are a few mirrors i really like. what do you think?
4 – ballard designs (villaine console mirror)
5 – ballard designs (d'orsay mirror)


  1. i really like 2...have a great day!

  2. hey erin...i really like the nate berkus wood mirror, but i think it would depend on the color of your walls. right now, i don't think there would be enough contrast. but i love the way the wood looks, so i wouldn't want to change that at all. so does that clarify things for you???

  3. gina, yes..... right now we've decided to paint the walls cream and maybe the kitchen green.... we'll have to talk about that. not sold yet.

  4. I would go with either #1,#4 or #5. I think some contrast with your wall color is in order. I do love that sunburst mirror though!