Tuesday, October 6, 2009

swollowing monies

around 9 o'clock last night coop started screaming from the top of the stairs. dan and i grabbed him, thinking he was sick and took him to the bathroom. then we tried to interpret his hysterical yelling, coughing and gagging. we [finally] came to the conclusion he swallowed a coin.

once he settled down a little, he asked "how do i get the monies out of my froat?" we're not sure if it was a dime, penny or quarter, but according to coop it was a "big money".

poor coop.

so we gave him some water, a lot of cuddles and a cookie. which he wouldn't eat. apparently he was scared to eat until the monies came out.

then he went potty (#1) and asked...

"why didn't it pop out?"

dan and i explained (on a pre-school level) the digestive system and how the coin will come out with his poo poos. and he replied... "but i don't have any poo poos". ugh.

we continued to explain and explain and explain (saying anything to calm him down).... "it will take time, maybe not until tomorrow". etc. at one point dan mentioned that mommy will look for it and make sure it comes out (yay me!). now coop was concerned... "but mommy will get poo poos on her hands".  then there was a brief discussion about hygiene and using gloves.

after a 1/2 hour of frustrating conversations with our 3 year old. dan just told coop to eat his cookie and not worry about it.

"will it push the monies out daddy?"

"yes, cooper"

the end :)

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