Monday, October 5, 2009

etsy find of the day

i've been searching high and low for some colorful and fun 6 year-old clothes. nothing to big-girl and nothing to baby-girl. i love the european look... colorful, slightly mismatched, and lots of layering. oh... and without the huge european prices. here's one of my favorite new finds... zozo bug baby. you can check out her etsy shop here.


  1. i'm sure you already know, but if not, check out mini boden. is the webiste, but it might actually be super duper cute. i've actually thought of reilly when flipping through their catalogue (european spelling there!!).

  2. I recently tried to order their Hotchpotch tops and (of course) they no longer had her size. Ugh.

    They do have some super cute stuff!