Wednesday, December 2, 2009

these are a few of my favorite things

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would share some of my favorite items of the year.... for adults and kiddos alike. Maybe you can gleam a few gift ideas?

1 - Trish McEvoy's Wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle
 Oh this smells so yummy and burns forever! A great gift for yourself or a friend. It also makes a great housewarming gift or hostess gift. Trust me on this one.... this candle rocks!
source: Trish ($48) 

2 - Vintage Industrial Soap Pump
 I have one of these babies in my kitchen to hold dish soap. I loved it so much I also placed one in the powder room for hand soap. Even if you don't like this style Target or Bed Bath & Beyond carry similar ones that may better suit your style. Just add some soap and a pretty bow and you're good to go!!
source: Target ($13)

3 - Williams-Sonoma's Vegetable Chop & Measure
All I have to say is... TIME SAVER!!! Oh and... EASY TO CLEAN! Nuf said. Go buy.
source: Williams-Sonoma ($29)

4 - Ruffled Ballet Flat
Hello... how stinking cute are these? Especially for the price. They are also available in black & cranberry. I bought them in silver for me and my Mom. Unfortunately, the silver is sold out... but how great is the gold? I may need those also!
source: Old Navy ($25)

5 - Rocky the Robot Truck

Ok. So I've never, ever been more excited about a kid's toy. My friend Rocky was purchased for Coop's 4th Birthday and OMG! Seriously this guy is amazing. He has entertained me to no end. Yes, I said entertained ME. If you have a little boy in your lift, this is a must buy. He dances, sleeps, dumps stuff on command and has endless sassy phrases that crack me up.
source: Amazon ($59)

6 - Stormy Sea Necklace
 I purchased this gem for my Mother for Christmas and now I think I need one for myself. The photo doesn't do it justice. It's really quite large and would pair well with a little black dress or a white t-shirt and jeans.
source: Anthropologie ($48)

7 - Robeez Booties

If you have kiddos, I'm sure they have donned a pair of Robeez! They're great little shoes that little ones can't kick off! Yay! Did you know they have boots? Oh yes they did!
source: Robeez ($38) 

8 - Mala Easel
For the price, you really can't beat this easel. It's dry-erase on one side and chalkboard on the other. There is a little shelf for markers, crayons, chalk, etc. Also it has a rod to connect a roll of paper (1,181 inches of paper for $4). It's truly fantastic!
source: Ikea ($15)

9 - Le Creuset 5-1/2 Qt. Round Dutch Oven
Although pricey, it's an incredible pot. I use it for everything... chili, pasta, soups, braising.... everything. Plus it can be used on the stove top and in the oven. It cleans up easily... a must for me. I just love this baby. Isn't the lemongrass color amazing?
source: Williams-Sonoma ($230)

 10 - Large Grosgrain Bow

Oh goodness... I really love these bows. They're big and jazz up every outfit. Not to mention they come in TONS of colors.  Let's be honest for a moment.... Reilly wouldn't look nearly as darling in her school uniform without that giant bow!
source: Wee Ones ($7)

   11 - The MCM - Eames Inspired Mobile
I purchased this mobile for Max's nursery. It hangs above his crib and is so incredibly relaxing. The addition of this mobile to his nursery, quickly made it my favorite room in the house. The artist will custom makes her mobiles  from a color palette of  36 colors.
source: Atomic Mobiles ($120)

    12 - The Winkle
  This was a favorite toy for my 3 babies. When my kids were tiny they could easily grab it and shove it in their mouths. When they were a little older it became a great toy to propel across the kitchen or play the famous game "throw it on the ground and yell until Mommy picks it up... repeat and repeat and repeat".
source: Amazon ($12)

 13 - Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree
Ok. So I don't actually own this beautiful tree, but this is a Christmas hint for my darling husband. I wonder if he even reads this blog?
source: Organic Style ($60)

14 - Bedouin Shearling Boot

I'm a huge UGG boot girl. I know they are a little dated, but they are so convenient and warm and cozy. Hey, I live in the Midwest, what do you expect? So. Anyway. Instead of UGGs, this year I got these boots... a kind of updated UGG. And can you believe it, I love them just as much?
Plus I look a little more stylish. Yay!

source: Neiman Marcus ($265)

15 - Citrus Cilantro Reed Diffuser
I love this scent. I have one in the kitchen and one in the nursery. So refreshing and clean. I highly recommend it!
source: Pier 1 ($12)

16 - Clark Wall Shelf

I placed this shelf across from my garage door (so wishing I had a mudroom). It's perfect... I have 3 kids so each child gets a hook for their coats and a basket for their hats, scarves and mittens. Love it!!! Please note: it's very similar to the Pottery Barn Samantha Entryway Shelf which a little pricier! Oh and there is a matching bench too!
source: JCPenny ($199)

Ok, so there you have it. A little peek into my favorite things of 2009 and hopefully a few gift ideas for the holidays! -e


  1. i'll take one of each!! ;)

  2. I love the Robeez booties! I just ordered a pair online at Free shipping until Dec 9th! Yippee

  3. Brooke, thanks for the heads-up! I wanted to get Max another pair... now I have the excuse to buy now rather than later!