Friday, December 4, 2009

trouble maker

I knew something was wrong when my house was suddenly VERY quiet. When I turned the corner, this is what I found! What the hell was I thinking. Right? Did I forget I have a 10 month old little tornado? I guess so, because I left my current Petite Papier stationery orders on the living room coffee table. 
  He looks so proud. Ugh.
but wait there's more...
When I finally finished cleaning up Max's first mess, I went into the kitchen to find this... 

First, please note the baby lock on the cabinet. Oh ya, he's that talented!
Second, thank God that spray bottle is filled with water.
Double ugh.


well, maybe not for long...

How can I tame this little monster?

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  1. Hi Erin...just saw your comment on my post and did live in the place I live now! How cool is that...and pretty darn close too. (You can email me if you'd like!)
    What a darling blog you have and beautiful children.
    (I've gone through SO many rubberbands this year!)