Tuesday, December 29, 2009

one word

Sarah at Clover Lane is one of my favorite bloggers. This morning, as I sat sipping my coffee, I took a quick trip over to Clover Lane for a few moments of inspiration. I love Sarah's attitude towards life, family, children, her home.... everything. Not to mention we have a geographical connection... as she lives in my childhood hometown. 


This morning Sarah blogged about picking one word to guide you through the year.... as opposed to a New Year's resolution (find her post here). Sarah got the idea from another blogger and passed it on, now I'm passing it on to you. What a fantastic idea, right?

To date I have NEVER been able to stick to any sort of resolution, be it a large resolution (stop cursing) to a smaller resolution (daily flossing). I think having a single idea/word to focus on for the year is far less intimidating and far more inspirational.

Now I'm pondering what my word should be. This is tough. Calm? Joy? Love? Simplify? All good, but their not sticking. I will chew on this a bit and get back to you.

Oh... ya... Sarah had another great idea.... buy a little frame, print the word out on nice paper, and stick that frame right above your kitchen sink.  You can't help to be reminded every day.

Thanks for the great idea Sarah!

BTW... you can buy that adorable Happy New Year banner here!

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