Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ode to baby wipes....

10 reasons why the Deegan household would NOT survive without baby wipes...
10 - they're perfect for a stain remover... forget the Tide-To-Go.... baby wipes!
9 - they remove mascara and other makeup
8 - they keep sticky fingers and faces clean
7 - they shine up my granite counters
6 - in a pinch I've been know to use them as Kleenex
5 - they're great for a quick bathroom sink and toilet cleanup
4 - they're a perfect stain remover for our microfiber sofa.... honestly, they don't leave a ring and get ANYTHING off that darn sofa
3 - you can buy them at Costco in bulk... a million wipes for only $19.99!!!
2 - don't have time for a shower?.... baby wipes!
1 - they keep Max's hind quarters clean (duh!)

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