Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the last day of six

Tomorrow this lovely, teeny, tiny girl is turning seven.
pause for weeping

As all parents know, they grow up so quickly. I really wish we could
have paused and enjoyed each year a little longer. Seven (to me)
seems so old. Please remember this comes from a Mom of young
children and I realize that my perspective is skewed. Just a tad. I know
she'll become a tween, then a teen, and the God-forbid leave our home...
onto bigger and better things.

So much has changed since the days she played under my desk as I worked on the computer. It was just the two of us, all day, every day. Now she has 2 brothers and my darling Reilly is in 1st grade ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Her favorite princess dolls have been tossed aside for her new favorite Nintento DSi (don't even get me started on the the
ways that breaks my heart. Video games. Really? Have I become that
kind of mother?).

Needless to say, Reilly has brought endless joy and love into our lives. Thinking ahead another seven years, when Reilly is 14... I'll probably be beside myself with grief. Worrying about friends, grades, sports and oh-no... boys! After those thoughts I very thankful she's ONLY seven.
A little perspective is always nice :)

photo of the day
The sun came streaming though our windows this morning. Finally. Lucy looked so happy.

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