Tuesday, January 19, 2010

managing max

Over the past few months I've written post after post about Monster Max and his trouble making ways. Remember these photos?....


Ya, it's been a lot of fun and just a tad trying. But now, on the eve of his first birthday... I may have figured a few things out about my crazy little man. Maybe I can begin to tame the baby monster? I don't know, but I'm trying.

1) Max is much happier when he's naked. Because that's not realistic, we stick to a diaper only.

2) Max LOVES "Graduates Yogurt Melts". I keep them on hand (at all times) for bribing and encouraging good behavior. Also, I place a Yogurt Melt in his grimy little hand every time he walks past my desk... just in case :)

3) If you are holding Max and need to set him down, you must place him down on the floor facing away from you, then you must walk away very slowly. Otherwise you will hurt his feelings and he will cry

4) Max can only fall asleep with a bottle. I know that's against "the rules of parenting", but hey it works for us, so let it go.

5) Max likes his crib. I use this to my advantage. He will hang out, dance, sing and talk in there for at least 30 minutes after he wakes up. Just enough time to get the kids breakfast and have a cup of coffee.

6) Max must carry something in each of his hands at all times. Otherwise he loses his balance and falls and cries. Usually it's two Ikea plastic spoons (Reilly calls them his walking sticks). Right now (as I type) he's holding a votive candle and a stuffed puppy.  
That's how he rolls.

7) If Max is crying really hard and isn't calming down, I blow in his face (just a little). It shocks him a bit and he quickly forgets why he's so upset and it usually results in a big, drooly smile.

8) If you give Max a sippy cup with a splash of diluted apple juice.... it will entertain him for about an hour. It's like giving a dog a Kong filled with peanut butter. They have no clue how to get it out, but they try and try and try, with very little reward.

9) If Max is tired, he will rub his eyes with his fists. This indicates I have 10 to 15 minutes until he's a exhausted, over-wrought, crying, hysterical mess of a baby. If I get him to bed before the inevitable  break down, his bedtime routine will go smoothly. If not, I will be scratched and kicked while trying to wrangle him into his pajamas.

10) Max only eats one meal a day. The other two meals can only be classified as snacks.  So when he's in the mood to eat, I stuff him full of as many nutritious things as possible. It's my window and I have to take full advantage. His "snack meals" usually consist of one of the following....bananas, peaches, cereal, baby puffs and cereal bars. Oh and the beloved yogurt melts!

That's all I got. Hopefully these little tid-bits of information will help me keep my sanity! But how can I look at this little face and not melt?

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