Friday, January 29, 2010

oh goodness

A little Dora always helps.

It's Friday, usually a high-energy day for us. Everyone excited for the weekend, spending more time with Daddy, pizza dinners, play dates, birthday parties, fun. Not so this Friday. First off, it's about 5 degrees outside.... brrrrrrr AND we're all super-duper sick. Let me give you a rundown of the last 16 hours....

5:30... dinner. Reilly finishes off her food and Cooper just picks. Reilly eats Cooper's dinner. Cooper asks to be excused to go upstairs in my room to watch cartoons in bed. Poor buddy :(

6pm.... Max isn't eating, just smearing his mac n' cheese in his hair and eyes. I pop him into the sink for a quick bath. Shiver, shiver, shiver. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

6:10 pm... Reilly helps me wrangle Max into his jammies. He's tired, so this is difficult.

6:30 pm... Max has a slight fever, so give Max a dose of Tylenol and put him to bed with a bottle. Ahhhhh!

6:45 pm... Make cookies with Reilly, the Reilly plays computer games.

7:15 pm... Cookies done! Reilly only eats one. Hmmmmm? Cooper never comes down for a cookie and that kid has a nose for anything yummy! Double hmmmm?

8:00 pm... I have Reilly go to bed. Cooper is fast asleep in my bed and is burning up. I take his temperature (102.9 degrees). Agh! Give Cooper Tylenol and put him in his jammies and to bed.

8:15 pm... Go downstairs and watch a little Real Housewives of Orange County. Oh ya!

9:15 pm... Max is screaming in his bed. Go upstairs. Cuddle him for a little and bring him downstairs for a change of scenery. Max is a miserable mess.

9:45 pm... put Max back to bed with a bottle.

10 pm... back on the sofa, little more Housewives and some blog reading.

10:30 pm... Max talking in his crib. Ok. Let it go, he's ok.

11:00 pm... Ok, now Max is full on screaming. Grab the Tylenol, go upstairs. Try and give Max a dose... he's not taking the medicine. Lay him on the changing table and "encourage" him to take the medicine. He coughs a little, I pick him up AND. HE. THROWS. UP. ALL. OVER. THE. FRONT. OF. ME!!!! I'm covered neck to knee in yuck. He's hysterical. I get us both cleaned up. It isn't pretty... lots of screaming and crying on both of our parts.

11:30 pm... Max and I are cleaned up and in new clothes. We're cuddling in the nursery rocker. He falls asleep on my chest.

12 am... Stay there until I know he's asleep, put him in his crib and go to bed.

12:15 am... Reilly is sleeping with me, because Dan was out of town. She's also fighting a cold/flu/yuck, so she's snoring.... horribly. I watch Jimmy Fallon.

1 am... I fall asleep.

2:30 am... Coop comes into my room, apparently his "eye won't blink". I get up, take him into the bathroom and his right eye is all gooey and crusted shut. Oh no! Pink eye!!!! After wiping his eye with a wet, warm washcloth. I realize it probably isn't pink eye, just a really bad cold/flu/yuck.  Give him more Tylenol and put him back to bed.

3 am... More snoring. I fall asleep.

5:20 am... Max screaming. He's super hungry, seeing as he threw up all his food and bottle. I give him another bottle, some Tylenol and a diaper change. Put him back to bed.

5:45... More snoring. I fall asleep.

7 am... Everyone's up & ready for the day. We're all sick and crabby. No one is going to school. Everyone takes baths to wash all the sick off.

8 am... Breakfast.

9 am... Me on the sofa feeling tired, crabby, sad, sick and non-Friday-like.

10:23 am... Post this pitiful blog.

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