Thursday, January 7, 2010

was filled with festivities. We celebrated Reilly's 7th birthday at her favorite restaurant... Benihana... yum! Then we came home and opened gifts and ate yummy box-baked Funfetti Cupcakes. It was a great day. Sunday we'll celebrate with extended family and later in the month she'll have a friends birthday party at a local pottery painting shop.

the infamous Funfetti Cupcakes

say cheese... reilly = overly smiley & coop = forced smiley

blowing out the candles... 
notice that little sneaky sneaker in the lower right hand corner! 

max "helping" clean up

do you think this boy needs his first haircut?
i just can't get myself to do it... he's just a baby!

today (photo of the day)

a snowy, snowy day in the chicagoland area.
i'm incredibly unmotivated and just want to watch the snow 
and drink coffee!


  1. definitely keep this picture for when you list your house!!

  2. i would love to have a snow day!! lovely photos!